Job Hunting Tips

3 Job Hunting Tips to Apply When Prospecting the Career Market

Having trouble scouting for your new workplace? Then some job hunting tips are due to help you figure out this mystery. We have gathered a little bit of everything: some classic, crucial basics and some more in-depth advice which many of us may accidentally overlook.

Without further ado, keep on reading to find out what things you should guide yourself by when you’re searching the sea of careers and jobs.

3 Job Hunting Tips to Apply

#1 Your CV Is Your Business Card

There are countless of articles, guides, books, and even literary works talking about the importance of your CV and how you can exploit it to its highest potential. Everyone knows (or should) know the basic rule of always tailoring your CV whenever you apply for a position. Only keep the fixed information in. Anything else, such as skills, hobbies, talents, etc. should be custom-made for every position and what the hirer wants.

Furthermore, also on the topic of CVs: don’t make it too long. If you’re trying to say you’re ambitious but aren’t fond of just flatly dumping the word on a page, express yourself differently. But don’t make a whole story. Chances are that company is particularly busy during hiring time and they’d be grateful to find straight-to-the-point CVs.

#2 Expand Beyond Job Websites

Yes, surely, job websites are very useful and accessible, so it makes sense that they’d be your number one job scouting tool. However, that’s also the case of thousands or millions of other people. A company recruiting via a job website usually gets quite a lot of applications, which increases competition and, thus, the risk of your own drowning in a sea of interested people.

What you should do on the side is set up a LinkedIn profile for potential recruiters to find you and to seek out job opportunities and offers outside of these websites.

#3 Be an Obvious Fit but Don’t Lie

There needs to be a balance to everything, that section of skills and talents included. You obviously shouldn’t lie in your application about the things you can do, especially if others can easily probe them. But if you feel like you can match up to the list of qualities the company says it’s looking for, be straight to the point about letting them know that you’re the guy or gal they need!

Many of us might fidget with this kind of smack-in-the-face information out of fear that it might sound as if you’re just copy pasting their own list of qualities. Try to find replacement words instead, but make sure your focus is still with being very clear. You need your application to make it past the computerized filters and the human readers alike.

Bottom Line

Here’s a final piece of advice, possibly one of the most important job hunting tips. Never forget your patience. It can be infuriating to wait for that call, particularly when you need to hear it most. However, sometimes you just have to wait a lot. You’ll cycle through rejections, lack of responses, and slow answers. Hang on in there!

Stop punching the clock and start working the RIGHT way.