Persuasive Techniques

3 Persuasive Techniques You Need to Master Today

The power proper persuasive techniques can have when you’re trying to get a conversation to sway your way is undeniable. But before you rub your hands together and start to plan how you’ll practice said techniques, you first need to find them. Or, rather, you need to find the ones that actually work. We’ll offer our input by providing certain persuasion techniques which will greatly increase the likelihood of a successful outcome. Some are pretty basic while others are admittedly obscure and unique.

3 Persuasive Techniques You Need to Master Today

#1 Small to Big

Let’s say someone walks up to you and says that they need your help. It’s a tourist who got lost and would need you to show them where a particular place is. You’re getting back from work, you’re in a rush, it’s cold outside… In other words, you really don’t feel like doing that favor.

Imagine it differently this time. The tourist approaches you and simply asks you if you know where that place is. Then they ask for some directions. And only after that they ask if you could walk them personally to the place in talk. This time around, you’re actually much more likely to accept this request.

It’s not difficult to see the logic. When you start off a request for something with a small favor, you essentially get the other person hooked to lending you a hand. You can gradually increase the size of the favor until you get the desired one.

#2 Offer Counter-Arguments

For the sake of explaining better, let’s say we’re referring to a situation where you’re trying to pitch a product to someone. It’s basically a typical sales conversation. What you normally do is prepare to refute counter-arguments that the other person is going to undoubtedly present. They say that your product lacks a certain something and you whip out your explanatory card and tell them why this shouldn’t set them off.

How about you flip the table upside down and offer these counter-arguments before the other person even voices them? Bring up the lacking feature yourself. This way, you’ll let the other person you’re self-aware, honest, and that you keep your cards on the table.

#3 Offer Multiple Choices

This method is definitely more applicable online, but if you can master it well enough, it can turn into a face-to-face asset as well. Barry Schwartz writes about this particular effect, saying: “More choices give us positive emotions, for example due to feelings of autonomy and the affective forecasting error.”

In other words, giving someone multiple choices brings a pleasant joy stemming from the autonomy of actively seeking out one particular option. How can you apply this? You can, for example, add more buttons near critical decision-making points on your website. For example, include “add to cart,” “add to wishlist,” and “print” buttons next to a product. The customer has more choices, but they all lead to the same thing: its acquisition.

Bottom Line

Even though these persuasive techniques are definitely clever, don’t forget to polish your most important asset in persuasion: your charisma.