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5 Time Management Games to Practice

Managing your time efficiently is a skill we all struggle with initially in our careers. Developing and strengthening it by constant efforts is the only way to improve. Even the most highly organized people or leaders you look up to at the moment have strived to improve. No one is born with a native sense of good time management, so conscious effort to better yourself is required. However, it doesn’t need to be all about work and no play, quite the contrary! Here are 5 easy and fun time management games you can practice in order to become more effective.

1. Care for a Virtual Pet or Café

We’re not joking: just pick a Facebook game where you need to care for a pet or a café where your dishes (and business prospects) go sour if you don’t manage them in time. This will create an incentive to come back every day (or every 3-6 hours) and take care of any problems. It is fun, not very demanding, and nurtures your sense of responsibility.

2. Get Yourself a Demanding Office Plant

Apply the same philosophy to a real-life situation next: just get yourself a plant that needs to be watered every day and monitor your progress in caring for it. It’s not so urgent or pressing as other time management games, but mistakes will have viewable consequences.

3. Participate in a Team-Building Game Where Every Minute Counts

You can even score extra points if you organize such time management games with your team on your own. Here are a few lovely ideas on the type of activities you could use for practicing better time management.

4. Create Your Own Routine for Flexing Those Time Management Muscles

There are plenty of ‘temptations’ that seep our time in an unproductive way. The chief attraction is, of course, social media. While it has its productivity and business uses, it’s also a bottomless pit for poor time management. This is why you need to create a good routine for yourself and stick to it daily. The time management games proposed throughout this blog post will strengthen your resolve, but this routine is actually the ultimate game you need to master. Here’s a story guide on how to develop it.

5. Have Some Fun with Online Time Management Games

Go over the top and have some real fun with browser time management games (or even offline ones). If such an activity is traditionally regarded as not really compatible with a high work ethic, perhaps it’s time to reconsider that assumption. Computer games will stop being a guilty pleasure once their skill-building value will be acknowledged. Of course, you should exercise this indulgence in moderation; even time management games can be too much!

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