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6 Useful Ways to Try and Prevent the Afternoon Slump

When you start the working day with a super-productive morning, you may end it with an afternoon slump. This is not always the case, but sometimes you may feel really exhausted after a normal day of work, right around afternoon. Specialists indicate that this afternoon slump may appear due to circadian rhythms that affect our sleep patterns.

A person’s sleep signals generally peak during the afternoon and at night. Hence, most people would feel like grabbing another cup of coffee to get through their afternoon. Some even take a nap. Besides sleep patterns, the afternoon slump can be affected by other factors related to hydration levels, eating habits and how much we stare at a screen. In order to forget about your afternoon slump and re-energize, we will provide you some simple tricks that could help.


It is clear that you do not walk around the office wearing your gym outfit. However, you could use some deskercises to work out in your cubicle. These light aerobic exercises will help you boost your energy levels. Hence, you will shake off the sleep of your eyelids, and you will be able to finish your work.

Take a screen-break

Working at a computer 8 hours per day could be really dangerous and tiring for your eyes. Make sure you take a screen-break once in a while. Otherwise, you will keep yawning, your eyes will be sore, and you would want to close them for a short nap. You should also stay at a safe distance from your computer screen and wear some computer glasses.


Another dangerous aspect of working in an office is that you have to sit at your desk for 8 hours every day. This means that your back will hurt a lot if you do not exercise enough in your spare time, in case you have any. Just get up and do some stretching to improve your energy level and keep your muscle loose.

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Shake off the afternoon slump and re-energize by having a healthy snack and doing some stretching.

Green tea

Green tea contains less caffeine than a normal cup of coffee. However, this drink can help you stay up through the afternoon slump, finishing your paperwork or project.

Talk more

Avoid sending emails to your coworkers. Just take a trip up or down to their office and talk in person. You will be able to stretch out and improve blood circulation. Furthermore, this will also be a break from staring at that screen.

Have a snack

Even if you had lunch a few hours ago, you could definitely have a snack. Try out a healthy one, with fruits and nuts that could boost your energy. You should have a high-protein snack in order to keep you alert.

Summing up

These tips and tricks could help you overcome your afternoon slump, getting back to your pile of tasks. In this way, you will finally be able to be productive after 2 o’clock as well. Make some green take and have an energizing snack in order to stay alert. Furthermore, you could also use some stretching and some screen-break in order for your eyes not to feel tired.

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