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Top 4 Alternatives to Dropbox You Can Use for Free

Irrespective how big or small your business is, you will always have to deal with a lot of documents, and you will need to find a way to store them. The most important things, from urgent email messages to account spreadsheets and legal documents, have to fit somewhere. If Dropbox does no longer do the trick for you, then you have to find some alternatives to Dropbox.

Even if you managed to store everything you needed up to this point, you might not be able to meet the archival requirements and things may have to change. You should also consider the fact that some data or files might need to get to a certain employee who handles them from home. Furthermore, sometimes file ownership can be tricky, leading to lost data. Sometimes, the business hardware might be unable to handle file demands.

Besides all this, there is also the price of file storage that stays in the middle. It may be pretty hard to choose the appropriate document management software. Dropbox is indeed one of the most popular providers of cloud file storage. Nevertheless, there are many other free alternatives which can be just as good or even better than Dropbox.

Alternatives to Dropbox


Box is very similar to Dropbox, providing sharing over a public cloud and intuitive file storage. The main customer base of Box is businesses. This is also a project management solution, being very secure on numerous global compliance fronts such as FedRAMP, PCI, and HIPPA.


It allows its users to do drag-and-drop uploading and also send file links as they work. This alternative to Dropbox has incredible aesthetic, offering a pleasurable user experience. The tool is very intuitive, and it also has password protection for ‘streams’ that are essentially visual folders. However, the file upload size is only 200 MB. Unfortunately, its support is limited to email and Twitter.

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Everyone needs a secure and effective platform that can label and organize their files.

Google Drive

When you develop a Google account, you can also use Google Drive via its app, your mobile phone or browser. You can use this storage cloud to create folders and make use of the labeling and starring system to be more organized. Furthermore, Google Drive features a search function to help you find missing files.

This is a popular system, very easy to sync with third parties. Furthermore, it features an easy-to-use content management system. You can also use it as a mobile app for iOS and Android. However, it cannot directly edit your files unless they are part of the App suite.


This a secure storage tool and it is also based outside the United States. This is a French platform that offers a massive amount of free storage. If you are looking for some upgrades, you should know that the costs are really low. Furthermore, it has no file type restrictions or file upload limits. Unfortunately, if you have any problems, you will not benefit from a direct method to contact support.

Summing up

All these alternatives to Dropbox are likely to make your life easier, labeling all your stored files, appointments, lists and emails. In this way, you will not only benefit from a secure way to store your important data, but you will also be more organized.

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