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5 Simple Tips and Exercises to Become a Better Photographer

If you want to become a better photographer, just grab your camera because we are about to share some useful tricks. We all know that practice makes perfect. Hence, by exercising a lot and pressing every button, you will finally understand what you have to apply to obtain exquisite photographs.

How to become a better photographer

Make up a study list

If you develop a list of things you want to improve, you will be able to check everything on the list if you browse photography-related websites. By looking at photos on Behance, DeviantArt or Flickr, you could learn more about perspectives and angles. Bookmark some of the images you find interesting, good or terrible and make them the object of your study.

If the image determined you to pause and look at it for longer than a second, then that is what you are looking for. Do you want to learn how to take pictures that will stop others from browsing and make them stare? Then, try to evaluate the focal point, the position of the subject and the lighting.

Search tutorials

Every photographer should search for at least once some tutorials on how to improve their photography skills. You can find really useful instructions there. YouTube can offer you a free education. You just have to find the videos which suit your needs.

Have a subject in your pocket

When you go for a walk and take your camera with you, you should make sure that you always carry around a subject in your pocket. You should try to shoot some photos every day so you can notice improvements in time. If you find a small object which appears to be interesting for you, make sure you take it with you.

When you discover interesting places or scenarios, pull out the subject you choose and take a photo of it. Do not try to be fancy. Your goal is to be creative.

The eye of a lizard

If you one to become a better photographer, you need to develop a shooting calendar.

Develop a shooting calendar

You will need 31 piece of paper on which you will write 31 different objects. Throw all those pieces of paper into a jar and mix all the notes. Make sure you do not forget to withdraw a slip of paper every day. Then, you need to photograph whatever it is written on the paper.

Photograph a moving object

This is a great challenge since you are not an experienced photographer. However, you should not be disappointed since you have nothing to lose. Your purpose is to learn. It is extremely important to have a sense of anticipation and timing. These skills are really important when it comes to different types of photography such as pets, kids, portraits, weddings, sports, etc.

It takes a lot of training to capture the decisive moment. Therefore, you will need a lot of practice. Try to take a photograph of a moving object or person every day. It is important to vary the object you photograph, changing it with a vehicle, a dog, a moving person, a kid playing, etc. try to achieve critical focus and also advanced composition.

Summing up

You can become a better photographer if you always try to be more creative than fancy. Try to play ‘what does this button do?’ with your camera. In this way, you will discover all the functions, and you will be able to take amazing photographs.

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