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5 Benefits of Reading to Children and 5 NGOs That Facilitate It

5 Benefits of Reading to Children and 5 NGOs That Facilitate It

If you are wondering what the benefits of reading to children are, let’s take a look at some ideas which will definitely convince you to do it. Reading to your child represents one of the most effective methods to develop their language neural connections in his/her brain. Furthermore, you will also fuel the development of a strong base for his/her cognitive development. Studies proved that kids who were read to as babies have a richer receptive vocabulary compared to kids who were not read to.

Therefore, The American Academy of Pediatrics published some guidelines which offer some advice to parents regarding the benefits of reading to their children. The lead author of the policy statement, Pamela High, suggest that reading with children and to them is an effective way of fostering the relationship between the parent and the child. Furthermore, this reading event also fuels the development of language for the child.

Here are some of the benefits brought by reading to children:

-You bond with your kid

Reading to your baby will help you develop a better bond between you two, fostering a relationship. This will offer your kid a sense of well-being and intimacy. The child will feel that he/she receives a lot of attention, helping him/her grow smart.

-The child will grow into a reader

The intimacy of reading will determine your kid to become a person fond of reading when he/she grows up. A positive attitude towards reading will help your kid in school.


All parents should become acquainted with the benefits of reading to children.

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-Soothing technique

You can use reading as a soothing technique, calming down your child with a beautiful story whenever he/she is restless or fretful.


Reading to your kid may also trigger the development of a fruitful communication between you and your little one.

-The basics of reading

Seeing you read to him/her, it will teach your child that words are concepts and can become sounds. Kids will learn that you read the words from left to right and that to continue a story you need to flip the page.

After learning about some of the benefits reading to children, let’s take a look at some NGOs that promote reading.

-Room to read

This is an organization which supports literacy and education for girls living in disadvantaged locations. This organization usually collaborates with local communities to function.


This organization supports literacy practices at a global level. LitWOrld developed many programs that cultivate literacy, running numerous reading clubs.

-826 National

It is a network of tutoring and writing centers for teens and kids. They believe in the power of creativity, art, and education.


This is an NGO that develops schools and prep programs which support academic success for individuals living in underserved areas. Therefore, the Knowledge is Power Program wants to help students enroll and improve in college.

-Everybody wins

It is a nonprofit organization based on volunteer work which focuses on cultivating literacy among destitute children.

To sum up, the benefits of reading to children may help you develop a better bond between you and your child, and it will also fuel their desire to become readers.