Top 20 Best 4x4 Speed Cubes Reviews & Comparison

Top 20 Best 4×4 Speed Cubes Reviews & Comparison

In regards to 4×4 speed cubes, how important is it to you? Thanks for your cooperation! We’ll save you time by eliminating everything but the most important reviews.

It may be hard to whittle down the market since it is so flooded with the best 4×4 speed cubess. Listed below are the top ten searches in 2022 for each of the keywords. Our team has spent hours researching the topics. Check it out!

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20 Best replace_keyword] Reviews & Buying Guide

1. BestCube 4×4 Qiyuan S 4x4x4 Speed Cube Stickerless Puzzle Cube(Qiyuan Version)

Features :

  • Best cube with best price for your choice
  • Perfect for testing your mental skills and challenging your patience
  • A great puzzle cube choice for your cubes collection
  • A perfect gift idea for New Year, Christmas, Birthday, Children’s Day
  • Suitable for young or old cube funs, also beginner and professional player

Additional Info :

Item Dimensions
Height 2.44094
Width 2.44094
Length 2.44094
Weight 0.31

2. CuberSpeed Moyu Meilong 4×4 M Magnetic stickerless Speed Cube MFJS MEILONG 4x4x4 M Cubing Classroom Meilong 4×4 M Speed Cube

Features :

  • The MFJS MeiLong 4×4 M is a budget friendly magnetic 4×4 speed cube from MFJS. It offers great performance and a medium/light magnetic feel at a fraction of the cost of other magnetic 4x4s!
  • This puzzle is sure to be a challenge for beginners and seasoned puzzlers alike. It comes in vibrant stickerless bright shades
  • The traditional stickers have been replaced with original and eco-friendly ABS material, which mean no fading, peeling or cheating! This is a Frosted Surface Cube.Feels more texture and avoid the scratches after the long-time using.Whole new vivid color work more effectively and more easier to recognize
  • Solving puzzles and brain teasers are important activities to teach kids to work hard at solving complex problems and foster your kid’s sense of space and enhance a child’s memory.Whether you’re trying to stretch your brain capacity or spending some leisure time with your loved ones, this would be a great gift for your kids.
  • Perfect Christmas gift/ birthday gift for kids. This classic puzzle game will never go out of style

3. CuberSpeed Moyu MoFang JiaoShi Meilong 4×4 stickerless Magic Cube MFJS MEILONG 4x4x4 Cubing Classroom Meilong 4×4 Speed Cube

Features :

  • The MFJS MeiLong 4×4 is an economy 4×4 which is smaller in size than a typical 4×4. At 59mm, this puzzle is extremely easy to handle and solve.
  • Out of the box it feels light and airy, with smooth, quick turning. The puzzle features a modern design and stickerless bright shades. Great for beginners, but also a viable non-magnetic option for intermediate/advanced solvers.
  • Out of the box, it has amazing corner cutting and smooth turning.Difficult to pop.Definitely a good choice for you to provides hours of fun time.
  • Perfect Christmas gift/ birthday gift for kids. This classic puzzle game will never go out of style.

Additional Info :

4. GAN 460 M Speed Cube, 4×4 Magnetic Master Cube Gans 460M Puzzle Toy(Stickerless)

Features :

  • SEE THE FORCE, SPEED WITH YOU – GAN 460M features revolutionary GMC (GAN magnet capsule) technology to show all 96 magnets noticeably. Magnets are tightly locked into each capsule so no longer missing/falling out.
  • TOTAL SYMMETRY, TOTAL STRENGTHENED – The GAN460M is endowed with total symmetric clips, high-strength feets and unbreakable blocks. Pieces & blocks are all locked up by clips perfectly and firmly.
  • ASSEMBLED WITH GANSCORE – GAN460M comes with new 4×4 IPG built by merging iron and plastic and based on the 3×3 IPG design. Higher perpendicularity, bigger inner space, longer hidden edge piece, resulting stronger anti-POP abilities.
  • YOUR PB RENEWER WITH THIS BUTTERY SMOOTH CUBE – Inner honeycomb surface reduces friction and endures lubrication; 40°/25° corner-cutting ability is optimized to the best degree. Gan 460 M has all latest features a 4×4 speed cube can have to be your record breaker.
  • CONNECTED WITH GAN TEAM – By choosing GAN Cube store, you are choosing the world’s most successful 3×3 brand. Here you can have the latest news of GAN products, join fans group, or even make a sound to future models. No worry about missing accessories or unpleasant experience, our CS Team will make you satisfied.

Additional Info :

Item Dimensions
Height 2.4
Width 2.4
Length 2.4

5. Roxenda Speed Cube Set, Stickerless Magic Cube Set of 2x2x2 3x3x3 Pyramid Frosted Puzzle Cube

Features :

  • SUITABLE FOR All PEOPLE – Roxenda Speed Cube Bundle (2x2x2, 3x3x3, Pyramid cube) is the vivid colors -matching puzzle. Turn and twist the sides of the cube so that each of the six faces only has one color. Definitely a good choice for you to improve personal record in competitions! Suitable for beginner and professional player
  • RECYCLABLE MATERIAL & FROSTED SURFACE – Frosted surface, increases resistance, Easy to hold, Will not scratch. Eco-friendly ABS material,non-poisonous material, molecular structural stability, impact resistance, avoid used for a long time wear deformation cause performance degradation.
  • EASY TURNING & SMOOTH PLAY – Superior Corner Cutting, Tension adjustable. Difficult to pop, Good control of the cube, Excellent stability. The Cube’s internal corners are slightly rounded, which makes it far easier and quicker to turn.Built-in spring makes puzzle cube more flexibility and better hand feel. The design of 1-2mm axis distance setting to prevent dropping of module and clashing during the rotation of the magic cube puzzle.
  • MULTI-FACETED DEVELOPMENT – Can foster your kid’s sense of space and enhance a child’s memory, to release the working pressure of the adults, to help prevent a decline in memory of the elderly. This classic puzzle game will never go out of style and keep your kids off TV / Ipad.
  • PREFECT GIFT – Whenever and wherever you are, you can try to stretch your brain capacity or spend some leisure time with your loved ones.This classic puzzle game will never go out of style. Ultimate Christmas/Birthday gift for kids, friends, family members.

Additional Info :

Item Dimensions
Height 2.99
Width 3.19
Length 7.91
Release Date 2018-11-13T00:00:01Z

6. Speed Cube, Vamslove Kids Toys 4x4x4 Smooth Brain Teaser Puzzle Turns Quicker Smart Magic Cube, Toys for Kids Boys Girls Adults

Features :

  • GO TO THE MAGIC WORLD WITH THE PROFESSIONAL SPEED CUBE: At one time or another, you’ve probably said ”It’s magical” when you saw someone finished the 6 aspects of a speed cube in seconds. It isn’t impossible to you if you’d like to have a try. You can solve the cube as fast as you could because the speed cube we provide turns smoothly
  • LONG-LASTING STICKERS: Designed with high quality stickers, which won’t get curly even if it was played every day. And it won’t leave any scratches on the surface because of the stickers are frosted, which is better than those solid colored cube that was made of colored plastic
  • GREAT BRAIN TEASER PUZZLE CUBE: The speed cube could help to practice people’s ability of spatial thinking, observation ability and reaction capacity. And it is a great challenge of perseverance and patience, so it is specially good for those growing children
  • HAVE FUN WITH YOUR FAMILIES OR FRIENDS: The biggest fun of the magic cube is that you could get the sense of achievement during you solve the speed cube. It’s great when you constantly go beyond yourself and refresh your records. Interactive toy, you could fix the cube with your kids to build a good relationship during yours gaming time
  • QUALITY GUARANTEE: We offer a lifetime quality guarantee. If you are not 100% satisfied, we can offer a replacement or full refund to you. Email us if you have any question, we are always here

Additional Info :

Color Original Version
Item Dimensions
Height 2.44
Width 2.44
Length 2.44
Weight 0.4

7. Speed Cube, Magic Cube 4x4x4 of B&LHCX are Easy Turning and Smooth Play Durable Rubic Cube Toys for Kids and Adults (2.28inches)

Features :

  • The Speed Cube surface is fine frosted, better tactility, and can effectively reduce scratches and, longer life! But please don’t treat it violently
  • We optimize and improve the positioning system of the rubik cube, and the structure of the axis positioning column is more obvious, which can be fully embedded with the central block firmly, and prevent the occurrence of positioning system failure and locking of the Cubes caused by violent rotation
  • We adopt a lightweight design for the magic cube. The center block and hidden edges adopt a large area of hollow design to reduce the shrinkage of materials, control the weight in a more comfortable range, and make the rotation feel lighter
  • Impressive anti-pop performance:The 4×4 puzzle cube is Widened small internal edges and new-added anti-pop cross-footed design for the big internal edges. The doubled internal feet match the edges, which improves the overall anti-pop performance!
  • Perfect Christmas gift/ birthday gift for kids or your important people. The cubes will never go out of style.

Additional Info :

Color 4x4x4
Item Dimensions
Height 2.28
Width 2.28
Length 2.28

8. Coogam Qiyi 4×4 Speed Cube Stickerless Magic Puzzle Toy Gift for Kids and Adults Challenge (Qiyuan S Version)

Features :

  • The Qiyi Qiyuan S 4×4 is the new and improved version of the Qiyi 4×4.This speed cube incorporates a generation’s worth of ideas to solve all those annoying foibles of the cubes you may have tried in the past. Out of the box, it has amazing corner cutting and smooth turning.Difficult to pop.Definitely a good choice for you to improve personal record.
  • The traditional stickers have been replaced with original and eco-friendly ABS material, which mean no fading, peeling or cheating!This is a Frosted Surface Cube.Feels more texture and avoid the scratches after the long-time using.Whole new vivid color work more effectively and more easier to recognize.
  • The Anti-stick Degin can prevent the cube viscosity,make the cube solve smoothlt.Optimized parts of the round corner pieces,makes work coordinate effectively.enhance the corner cutting ability,make it more smooth when it solves.
  • Solving puzzles and brain teasers are important activities to teach kids to work hard at solving complex problems and foster your kid’s sense of space and enhance a child’s memory.Whether you’re trying to stretch your brain capacity or spending some leisure time with your loved ones, this would be a great gift for your kids

Additional Info :

Item Dimensions
Weight 0.220462262

9. CuberShop Moyu RS4M 2020 Speed Cube, Cost-Effective Magnetic 4×4 Speed Cube Puzzles, MFJS Cubing Classroom 4 by 4 Stickerless Professional Speed Cube (RS 4M 2020 Stickerless) Budget Cube

Features :

  • ✅COST-EFFECTIVE 4×4 CUBE🏆-This Moyu RS4 M 2020 is the economy cube designed by famous speed cubing brand Moyu. Both the cheap price and the excellent performance of the cube have made the RS4M 2020 being the most popular cube ever. Over millions of Moyu RS4M 2020 have been sold all over the world. So it is the best choice for cubers and don’t hesitate to buy a Moyu RS4M 2020!!!
  • ✅THE MOST COST-EFFECTIVE 4×4 Speed Cube Ever🔥-We are pleased to announce that the MoYu RS4M 2020 is the best economy magnetic 4×4 speed cube ever. This RS4M2020 is released by famous speed cube brand MoYu and it is not worse than any other high-class magnetic cube. Why not take this cube home with you? ❤️🚗🏠
  • ✅EXTREMELY STABLE✨- The cube comes with the DUAL ANTI-POP FEET and DUAL ANTI-STICKY DESIGNS and it has been lubricated and tested by the manufacturer. It is definitely a good cube to be your main 4×4 cube and help you to break your PB(Personal Best Record). AWESOME!!!
  • ✅FULLY MAGNETIC POSITIONING🧲-Magnets are essential to a REAL speed cube. The Moyu RS4M 2020 has 96 magnets firmly installed in the cube in order to provide a better turning experience and make the cube much more stable and more controllable. COOL!!!
  • ✅SMOOTH and FAST💨- This RS 4 M 2020 4×4 speed cube comes with an anti-stick design. It can lower the viscosity between layers of the cube when you turning the speed cube. Moreover, MoYu Cube has enhanced the corner cutting design which has greatly enhanced the speed cube performance (Smoother and Faster)! AWESOME!!!
  • ✅NEW STICKERLESS DESIGN🆕- Differs from the traditional cubes which were covered by stickers, the new stickerless design provide a more convenient inspection during the solving. You will definitely enjoy a better speed cube solving experience. WONDERFUL!!!
  • ✅DUAL ADJUSTMENT SYSTEM⚒️-This system provides more choices of elasticity and allow you to adjust the tension to an ideal level!!! ASTOUNDING!!!
  • ✅Comes with a FREE Cube Stand (Random Color)🆓
  • ✅GREAT GIFT FOR KIDS/CUBERS🎁-The process of solving puzzles is important for kids/teen. Solving cubes allow them to develop problem-solving skills, improve their memorizing ability and also unleash their potential! Speed Cubes accessories like cubing timer are definitely the best gift for Kids/Teens on Children’s Day and Christmas. ILOVEIT!!!

Additional Info :

Color Rs4m 2020 (Stickerless)
Item Dimensions
Height 2.44094
Width 2.44094
Length 2.44094
Weight 0.30644254418

10. D-FantiX Speed Cube Set, Moyu Meilong MF2S 2×2 MF3S 3×3 MF4S 4×4 MF5S 5×5 Stickerless Speed Cubes Bundle with Gift Box

Features :

  • EXCELLENT STABILITY – Great corner cutting ,Tension adjustable. It doesn’t corner twist as often nor does it lock up. Difficult to pop, good control of the cubes, comes pre-lubricated and tensioned
  • EASY TURNING & SMOOTH PLAY – Improved anti-pop technology and structure for extremely fast and smooth cornering
  • FOR ALL AGES – Moyu Meilong Bundle contains a 2×2 cube, 3×3 cube, 4×4 cube, 5×5 cube set packaged inside a fancy box with a carrying handle. Turn and twist the sides of the cube so that each of all the faces only has one color. Suitable for beginner and professional player
  • HOURS OF FUN – The Magic Cube Bundle can foster your kid’s sense of space and enhance a child’s memory. Solve it when each side matches. You can challenge the different difficulty level of the cubes at one time. Enjoy hours of fun with you family and friends
  • ULTIMATE GIFT IDEA – No one falls out of love with the puzzle cubes. Perfect Christmas / Birthday / Children’s Day Gift Idea. This classic puzzle game will never go out of style. GIFT BOX PACKING Gift box packing makes it a perfect gift for your kids

Additional Info :

Item Dimensions
Height 2.8
Width 7.52
Length 7.6
Weight 0.95680621708

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