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What Is the Best Business to Start with 10K? 4 Options

Being your own boss and tailoring your working hours after your needs are just some of the perks of starting a business. Crafting a business after your own vision and watching it grow is the dream of any entrepreneur. However, there is always the issue of money. Plus, a lot of thought goes into a strategy to best implement it. A safe bet is always to start small. This way, there will be less significant losses and you will have a better idea on how to improve the very foundations of your business. That is why in this article we’re going to look at some small-scale plans with a limited budget and help you choose the best business to start with 10k.

 Best Business to Start with 10K – 4 Easy Options

Make-up Artist

Someone with artistic skills and a passion for painting can consider this option. Apart from attending cosmetology training, you can save up on a lot of money by traveling to your client’s location or freelancing. There is always the option of setting up an independent shop or affiliating with an established salon.

The hours are very flexible as well and the opportunity to become better at this trade is on every corner. Make-up artists are needed to weddings, official events and even on film sets. Clients might even request a makeover as a way to rebuild their confidence.

Networking is imperative here to make the connections and fill in your schedule.

Commercial Cleaning

Commercial cleaning is a growing industry as it is very much needed by companies to set up a clean environment for their employees and keep their products replenished. Cleaners have to dust and polish offices but also strip the floor if necessary and take out the trash bins. The hours, however, are mostly going to be during the evening or on weekends, after the office hours are done and the building is empty.

A great aspect of commercial cleaning is that the rates are higher because some specialization is needed for certain services to be performed. Also, working during the night makes you eligible to ask for a higher rate. Again, networking is very important. You will need to walk from door to door and ask businesses if they need any cleaning services. Also, be on the lookout for contract renewals.

Wedding Planner

Hiring a wedding planner is almost a mandatory step these days. Weddings can cost up to thousands of dollars but a wedding planner makes sure the money is well spent on whatever the couple needs. A wedding planner will have to manage every aspect of the event, such as booking a venue, setting up table centers, booking catering services, booking musicians and so on. Strong organizational skills are required in this trade. Also, you have to have an optimistic personality that can come up with solutions in tensed situations. A great wedding planner will also have enough calm to deal with stress and last-minute changes.

The industry is very competitive as more than 2,5 million people get married each year so opportunities to make a profit are always available. This might be the best business to start with 10k since the profit will undoubtedly come.

Customer Service Training

Another lucrative business for you to consider is in customer service training. Businesses can have their profits stifled by poorly-trained employees. A negative experience can warrant negative reviews online and clients will not recommend the business any further. By offering proper training to these individuals, you will help the company step up its standards and be rewarded accordingly. The training program is tailored to the customer’s needs. It can be based on your expertise or other professionals in the industry. You simply need to pick a specialization and you are good to go.

Final Words

Opportunities can be found in any industry if you know where to look. If you have a vision and set of skills you can put to good use, there is no reason for you to not to start your own business. A limited budget should not stop you, but rather help you think small and aim big. We hope we’ve shown you that picking the best business to start with 10k is not an impossible task.

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