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These Are the 3 Best Countries to Invest In

When you are starting your own business, and you want make investments, then you need to find out which are the best countries to invest in. Statistics show that the fastest growing region in the world is South Asia. To be more specific, the expansion in this region is due to India which contributes to this projection. The most important role in the economies of develop and emerging countries will be played by the international oil dynamics.

Decreased oil prices represent a benefit for importers. On the other hand, high prices will help oil-exporting countries like Norway. In what follows, we will provide a list including the best countries to invest in.

United States

Policymakers provided a favorable outlook on the U.S. considering the Federal Reserve’s interest rate hike. This recovery in the U.S. indicates that investors should start contributing to American industries. Decreasing gas prices may jeopardize oil companies. However, the positive consequences will reach the transportation and food service industries.

The potency of the U.S. dollar will trigger the boost of domestic companies in the future. Back in 2015,  unemployment rates have decreased. Nevertheless, expectations indicate that more than 2 million jobs were included in the U.S. job market starting with 2016.


Even if in 2015 China has experienced a recession in economic and industrial development, the country’s industrial production growth rate is extraordinary, considering its population and size. Equity investors and capitalists have a lot of possibilities at hand. However, the difficult part is to choose from the broad range of opportunities.

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The best countries to invest in are the ones which have the most developed economy.

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Compared to other countries that have high industrial growth rates, the political environment in China is extremely stable. The government’s 2016-2020 Five Year Plan tries to develop a society which will no longer have a middle class by the end of the plan. The income stratification is limited to high- and low-income households.  The government plan will allow the development of more private enterprises, providing more investment opportunities.


Currently, India is in the same stage of economic development as China was about ten years ago. There is room for business expansion, gross domestic product, and development in urbanization. Many foreign investment companies already invested in the real estate field and health care industry. They all expect to obtain increased profits. To attract business activity, the government decided to set plans to diminish the corporate tax rate over the next few years.

The International Monetary Fund expects a growth rate of 7.5% for India. This organization indicates that India is currently in an auspicious position when it comes to economic growth. Therefore, this is the right time to invest, having increased chances to make a profit.

Summing up

The right moment to invest in these countries is right now, helping businessmen and young entrepreneurs to make a profit. The best countries for foreign investment are China, India and the U.S. Young entrepreneurs can choose to invest into food and transportation industries or even in the real estate market.

Image Source: Value Research