A screenshot from the documentary Man on wire

Top 5 Best Documentaries of All Times

When you have just finished another TV series, and you feel like you want to see something different from your regular comedy shows, you should find the best documentaries of all times. Documentaries can help you learn more about what’s new and what’s old in the world. You can learn more about new people and their adventures, about extraordinary projects and weird discoveries.

Furthermore, you may find out about animal and plant species you have never heard about or some country’s economy. It all depends on your taste when it comes to choosing the particular genre of the documentary. But today we are in charge of offering you a list of the best documentaries of all times.

The Best Documentaries of All Times

-Man on wire

This documentary issued in 2008. It will lead you back to 1974, telling the story of Philippe Petit, a French man who had the courage to walk on a wire between the Twin Towers of the World Trade Center. This is one of the craziest experience you could hear about, seeing him dance on that wire without using any safety net or cables. Then, he was arrested and what he did was known as the “artistic crime of the century”.

-I am not your negro

This is a new documentary which appeared this year, revealing the Story of James Baldwin. In 1979, he wrote a letter addressed to his literary agent. The letter comprised the stories of how three of his friends, Martin Luther King included, was assassinated. Unfortunately, when Baldwin died, his book was not complete yet. Hence, the master filmmaker Raoul Peck comes in and tries to imagine the rest of Baldwin’s story.

A screenshot from the documentary Life itself

Life itself is a documentary which reveals the extraordinary life of a famous film critic.

-Life itself

This is an extraordinary documentary which appeared in 2015. The executive producers Steven Zaillian and Martin Scorsese together with the director Steve James developed a documentary about the inspiring life of the film critic Roger Ebert. The documentary relies on the bestselling memoir of Roger Ebert, helping us explore his legacy and his Pulitzer Prize-winning film criticism. He reached to become one of the most influential cultural voices in the U.S.

-Taxi to the dark side

This exceptional documentary issued in 2008, revealing the suspicious death of an Afghani taxi driver at Bagram air base back in 2002. The film indicates how an innocent man became a war victim, being captured, tortured and then murdered. The documentary unearths the connection between the tragic events occurring in Bagram and the policies developed at the highest level of the U.S. government.


The animation Tower is a new documentary which appeared this year. The story goes back to 1966 when a sniper got into the University of Texas Tower. He started shooting, holding everyone hostage for 96 minutes. The documentary looks like a mixture between the rotoscopic animation of that day and archival footage. The story relies on first persons testimonies from survivors, heroes, and witnesses of the tragedy.

Summing up

This list of the best documentaries of all times will help you learn more about different people’s passions, about their struggles, about tragedies and war. You will start seeing the world in a different way. The fact that the stories in the documentaries rely on real events could have a powerful effect on you.

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