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Best Jobs for Stay at Home Moms: 7 Options

If you just had your baby and you want to earn extra money now that you are on a maternity leave, here are the best jobs for stay at home moms. Not going to the office anymore may be a little bit frustrating for some workaholic moms who just gave birth to their babies. That is why they try to find a way to earn more while staying home with their child.

Besides cleaning the house and cooking while the baby is asleep, you can also have a new simple job that could help you make some profit. Let’s take a look at the following list of best jobs for stay at home moms to help you change your routine.

Baby gear rental

You can now connect with traveling families that have a baby to rent, set up and deliver baby gear to their vacation rental or hotel. All you have to do is to create a website where you select the gear you want to rent, the delivery area, fees and rental prices. For more information, you should access Babierge.com.

Running errands

You can use TaskRabbit.com to see who posted a task they need help with. Their problems may range from data entry difficulties to delivering balloons from a local shop. Isn’t this awesome? You can help people with their small problems, and you can make money out of it. You can do someone else’s grocery shopping while you also do your own.

Dog watching

On Rover.com you get matched with a dog owner who needs someone to take care of their dog while they are on vacation or at work. It is very simple! You just need to create a profile and establish the fees. Through this business, you can earn hundreds of dollars every month.

A woman holding a baby

The best jobs for stay at home moms are meant to help these women make profit while looking after their babies.

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If you have a teaching background, this should be piece of cake for you. Help children with their homework and you can earn money. Furthermore, if you group kids together and develop homework sessions, you are likely to be even more successful.

Secret shopper

Many big companies need their customers to get in their store and take a look at how their products appear on the shelves. Apps like Gigwalk help mothers to complete such a task receiving a few dollars in exchange.


If you are an enthusiastic woman, you may be a good sales person. Many jewelry companies help several women start a selling business. They are provided with several products produced by the company, and their job is to convince others to buy those goods.

Teaching online courses

What can be a simpler way to earn money than this one? Several education-based companies hire people to teach online courses in English for students in several countries. The employees are allowed to have a flexible schedule. Furthermore, stay at home moms can even choose for a part-time teaching job.

Summing up

The best jobs for stay at home moms can help such women grow and develop their abilities while they can still take care of their babies. Being a mother is not easy, but if you want to earn some extra money, you can also work for a few hours.

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