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Top 8 Business Intelligence Tools to Check Out
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Top 8 Business Intelligence Tools to Check Out

When you start out a business, as a young entrepreneur, you should learn about some business intelligence tools to make your enterprise prosper. In what follows, we will provide a list of recommendations when trying to establish what business intelligence tools to use.


This is a cloud-based business intelligence tool which comprises different data sources like social media, databases, spreadsheets and any on-premise software solution. This tool is suitable for both small businesses and big enterprises. Furthermore, it is compatible with mobile devices, iPad tablets, and Mac platforms.

Domo offers macro- and micro-level analysis and visibility, ranging from top-selling lines of product forecasted revenue, cash balances and marketing return on investment by channel.


Dundas BI represents a data visualization and business intelligence platform that relies on a browser. The tool from Dundas Data Visualization includes data analytics, reporting tools, and integrated dashboards. Furthermore, it also helps users to develop customizable and interactive dashboards, drill-down and analyze into the performance and data metrics, run ad-hoc queries and build their reports.

This platform allows users to connect and integrate with any data source on any device in real time. The responsive design permits users to view reports and dashboards on any device.

InetSoft Style Intelligence

InetSoft Style Intelligence is a business intelligence platform which permits users to develop visual analyses, dashboards, and reports by using a data mashup engine. Therefore, this tool comprises data in real time coming from different sources. The sources can include spreadsheets, relational databases, Web services, ERP apps and OLAP servers.

Furthermore, it also features the Data Block technology. This triggers the data mashups to occur in real time. Then, the information developed can be accessed using scorecards, exception alerts, enterprise records and interactive dashboards.


SiSense is a business intelligence tool that is suitable for all types of users, even for those who do not have experience with BI software. The tools of this platform can support and manage business data with intricate and powerful tools and visuals.

A scheme of business tools

Business intelligence tools will store your business data and will help you create interactive dashboards.

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Those entrepreneurs who are searching for a centralized tool to store the data should use this business intelligence tool. Furthermore, the Board platform helps them drill-down to supervise the performance of the departments in the company and conduct multidimensional analyses.


Yellowfin represents a single-integrated platform which is suitable for companies from different industries which have different sizes. Therefore, this business intelligence tool is appropriate for business in advertising, technology, retail, engineering, beverage and food, marketing, media, manufacturing, insurance, banking, agriculture, and accounting.

Its functionalities include reporting and query performance and writing management, analytical processing, predictive analytics, scorecards, and dashboards. Furthermore, the filtering capabilities can be updated in real time.


Looker is a business intelligence tool which is appropriate for companies that intend to analyze large amounts of information they are constantly collecting. This tool is an intuitive web-based platform. Furthermore, they provide an extensive free trial.

Sage Live

This platform is destined to small and mid-sized businesses. Its key features include bank integration, personalization relying on user role, multi-legislation support, multi-currency and multi-company.

Wrapping up

All these business intelligence tools will help you monitor the progress of your business. Furthermore, they will help you analyze and store data. Therefore, your company will grow faster.

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