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7 Reasons Why Celebrity Endorsements Really Make a Difference
Blake Lively

7 Reasons Why Celebrity Endorsements Really Make a Difference

Celebrity endorsement represents a type of marketing strategy or advertising campaign used by many non-profit organizations, companies, and brands. They pay a famous person or a celebrity and make use of their fame and social media to advertise their new product or service. Numerous companies have adopted this practice, using celebrities to endorse their new products.

Celebrity endorsements bring massive rewards for any brand they work for. Let’s see how this advertising strategy helps several companies and brand promote their lines.

Build brand equity

Celebrity endorsements help companies develop brand equity. Let’s take a look at Nike. Before their collaboration with Michael Jordan, the famous basketball player, the brand primarily focused on track and tennis athletes. Then, when they wanted to expand their market, developed a celebrity endorsement with Michael Jordan. This partnership was so successful that developed into an individual subsidiary company which has huge profits. It is called Air Jordan.

It’s easier to remember brands

If you use a celebrity in your new product’s ad, your clients will find it easier to remember the product when seeing the celebrity. They are tempted to refer to your ad as something like ‘the ad with Britney Speares.’ Researchers proved that celebrity endorsements improve ad recall.

Kanye West

Celebrity endorsements convince people to buy the products of a brand, making it more popular.

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People will believe that your product contributes to the status of the celebrity

If a brand uses a celebrity endorsement to advertise their exquisite line of makeup, people would think that the star is so beautiful and always looks flawless because she uses their products. They would think that celebrities also use the products they advertise for.

Another example is the brand Mobile One. They use the NASCAR star, Tony Stewart. Therefore, the audience would be trick into believing that the performance of this famous NASCAR driver is due to the Motor One oil. They would think that this oil makes his car so great, having an amazing performance n the tracks.

Make your brand stand out

Celebrity endorsements will make your brand stand out of the crowd. Instead of watching regular actors playing in commercials that you will never remember, it is nice to Natalie Portman or George Clooney in the ad.

Influences consumer purchase

When you see a celebrity in a Coca Cola ad, you will be tempted to say that you will drink that soda because that famous person does. You will use the new face cream from that cosmetic company because a certain female celebrity uses it and she looks very beautiful. And who does not want to look beautiful?

Position a brand

New companies or brands use a celebrity in their ads to position their product. Product positioning or brand positioning is placing the products of a company in the best light, making the target group believe that the new product is the best.

Reboot a failing brand

In case your brand is starting to fall apart, and your sales dropped, a celebrity endorsement might help you. Your new ad can breathe life into a dying brand. If you are a small manufacturer and you worry that people may have forgotten about your products, ask the help of a star. Therefore, you will tout the benefits of your brand.

Wrapping up

All these benefits of using celebrity endorsements can determine any company or brand implement this marketing strategy. This advertising technique can improve their profit, promoting their new products.

Image Source: Celebrity Endorsement Ads