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8 Ideas to Use When Organizing a Coffee Morning Fundraiser and What This Is

When the Christmas holidays approach and we all learn to be grateful and give to those in need, you could organize a coffee morning fundraiser. Every country in the world has a coffee tradition. Why not raising money out of it? In what follows, we will provide a guide for you in order to plan the perfect coffee morning fundraiser.

Which is your venue?

If you want to develop a big coffee event, then you need to search for a big hall or community center. In this way, you will make sure that every person invited there will have enough room. However, if you decide to invite only your co-workers, some neighbors, relatives, and friends, you can host the event at home.

Invite as many people as possible

In order to raise big funds, you have to have a high number of guests and donors to raise the money. Use every possible means of communication, like e-mail, card invitation, text, and all social media sites to invite people.


In your invitation, you should include the fact that the event is a fundraising one. This will help with expectations, and no one will be surprised when they will get to your coffee morning fundraiser. All your guests will be prepared, ready to do a good deed and support your noble cause. You will need a big donation basket or box that you can play right at the entrance. Furthermore, you should also suggest an amount of money for attending.

You will need volunteers

Make sure that more people find out about the noble cause you support and some of them will decide to stand by you and fight for the same cause. In this way, you will gather some volunteers to help you with your coffee morning fundraiser. You will need volunteers for welcoming people, pouring coffee, and baking pastry. All these people should work as a team, supporting each other.

A woman's hands on a cup of coffee

You coffee morning fundraiser will not only get people from your community together, but it will also help you support your cause.


For your coffee fundraiser to be perfect, it will need to look beautiful. Invest time and money into developing cake stands, arranging flowers, prepare a charity display table. Everything should look exquisite, and donors will be likely to donate more money when they see how interested you were when planning the event.


Besides coffee, you should also serve some pastry or cupcakes, fridge slices, tray bakes and homemade biscuits. Furthermore, you should have boxes or packages ready to pack in case they want to buy some.

Contact your charity

Before hosting the event, make sure you contact the charity you support and gather information that you can later include on your event’s leaflets. Offer the leaflets during the event, together with coffee. Make sure that the data you include is not boring.

Get ahead

Everything should be ready before the coffee morning fundraiser starts in order for you to feel more relaxed. Also, do not forget to thank those have donated and who have been part of your event.

Summing up

All these ideas and tips can help you organize the most wonderful coffee morning fundraiser. People who come to your event will be ready to support your cause, donating to help those who really need it. Make sure you provide enough information about the charity you support and be prepared with loads of coffee.

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