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5 Companies with an Awesome Company Culture

More and more organizations are building a great company culture. Having a pleasant working environment is a part of a company’s culture, and it is no longer just an option. Nowadays, employees value this element as much as they do with salary, perks, and incentives. Below, we have created a list of the companies that have awesome cultures.

Top 5 Companies with a Fantastic Company Culture

1. Zappos

Zappos is an online shop that sells shoes, clothing, bags, and accessories. They are well-known for their company culture. Some of the most surprising facts about Zappos hiring process is that if you get hired but you decide the job is not right for you, they will offer 2,000 dollars. However, there’s a small catch. This amount will only be provided if you decide to quit during your training’s first week. The workplace is fun, and all workers are dedicated to making clients happy.

2. Dropbox

Their motto is: “you’re smart, figure it out!”. Dropbox focuses on flexibility and freedom. They function on the principle of letting their employees manage projects on their own. This gives them a sense of accomplishment and meaning. This is how the company shows that every team member is a valuable asset for the organization. Managers have the responsibility to identify their workers’ abilities. Then, they let them do what they know best. Trusting their skills with important work is a great human resources strategy.

3. Southwest Airlines

Some people make fun of the airline industry because of their frumpy employees and lack of high-quality customer service. However, Southwest Airlines is not a typical company. According to their clients, this airline’s crew members are always happy and friendly, trying to help out as much as they can. Although the company has 43 years of experience in this field, it always knew how to adjust its strategy so that they would follow trends when it comes to customer service and company culture.

4. Twitter

Twitter’s employees can’t stop “tweeting” about their company culture. They are known to hold casual rooftop meetings and a friendly working environment. Nothing says teamwork better than Twitter. The company works towards motivating each of their members and helping them achieve their personal goals. Moreover, the company’s San Francisco headquarters provides free meals from time to time to all their employees. Besides this, workers can also enjoy yoga classes and other perks.

5. Chevron

The fact that a company from the oil and gas industry has a place among the organizations with the best company cultures might surprise you. Although this industry receives a lot of negative publicity, Chevron’s employees have a favorable perception of their organization’s culture. According to them, this company focuses on safety and encourages all their staff members to look out for each other. They provide wellness and fitness centers on site and insist that their workers take regular breaks.

Summing It Up

Until now, the term of company culture was only an abstract concept that was used to impress outsiders. It wasn’t really applied by all companies. Nowadays, things have changed significantly in favor of the employees’ wellbeing. Moreover, company culture is an important element that many people consider before accepting a job. Let us know what kind of company culture your organization has.

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