conflict resolution skills and how to improve them

Successful Leadership: How to Improve Your Conflict Resolution Skills

Don’t be afraid of having arguments with your team or coworkers. Conflict is a natural part of every relationship. People are different, and they might not agree on everything. An important leader trait is knowing how to deal with conflict, not avoiding it. Especially in companies, employees are stressed, and they tend to snap from time to time. Continue reading our article to discover useful and effective ways to improve your conflict resolution skills.

How to Improve Your Conflict Resolution Skills?


Open communication is the key to solving a lot of conflicts. Usually, what starts an argument is a miscommunication. So, you need to apply the opposite situation of the one that has initiated the whole mess. Collaborating is the ideal way to improve your conflict resolution skills. It is a win-win situation. You can even develop a regular meeting dedicated to working out the company’s problems. Make sure you opt for the perfect solution that everyone agrees to.

Conflict-Targeted Trainings

Studies have shown that employees who were taught how to behave during an argument were unlikely to start conflicts. Both managers and staff must know how to react and what to do when disputes arise. This kind of training is also good to clearly establish everyone’s responsibilities and roles. If these are well-understood, the conflict appearance rate will decrease.

Humor as A Weapon Against Conflict

As long as you can keep your joy to a high level, all adversities will be easier to surmount. Furthermore, humor, good disposition, and even a smile are powerful enough to make anyone let down their guard. Humor is not only one of the most important conflict resolution skills, but it is also a great way to avoid future disputes. Even when you offer a negative feedback, try making it in a pleasant and humorous way.

Compromise or Negotiation

Although negotiation can be a good example of how to improve your conflict resolution skills, it is not exactly a win-win type of settlement. Compromise means that both parties have to give up something to implement a mid-point solution. Even though this method might take less time compared to collaboration, it might also bring less commitment from the people involved in the conflict.

Being Able to Forgive

No matter what the conflict is about, if you are not willing to get over it, you won’t be able to solve it completely. I know that your first urge is to punish the one that started the argument or the one responsible for a certain mistake. However, doing this and reacting negatively will only bring you more anxiety and frustration, without solving the real problem. Be the better person and let it go. This doesn’t mean, however, that you shouldn’t solve a serious issue that affects your work environment.

Let’s Recap

You are fully responsible for your team and for the way they behave. Try to teach them how to be fair team players. Also, to improve your conflict resolution skills, you should become an active listener. Ask your staff the proper questions to find out exactly how things are, and don’t let yourself influenced by some of your employees. Keep an objective approach, and always lead in a balanced way.

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