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4 Corporate Fundraising Ideas to Inspire You

Every year, corporate fundraisers help people raise about $4 billion. If you think about it, this is a lot of money to raise for a noble cause. Hence, now that the holiday season is upon us, some corporate fundraising ideas could help you help others. Besides the usual gift-matching and product donations your company organizes, you should also try some new corporate fundraising ideas to spark hope in people’s eyes.


For this type of fundraising, you will need a lot of energy, raffle tickets, and prizes. This is one of the easiest fundraisers your company can host. Generally, local businesses would be glad to get involved in charity events. This is just like free publicity for them. Hence, you could ask them to donate the prizes to your raffle charity.

A raffle fundraiser increases the potential for extremely high profits. Those who will attend the fundraiser will likely buy more tickets if they see that the chances to win are high. However, before starting to prepare your charity event, you should check your local laws when it comes to raffles.

2.Silent Auction

You will need a space where you can develop the event, food, drinks, tables, bidding sheets, and prizes. If we were to compare, silent auctions are usually more complex than raffles. It may take a bit more effort to set everything, but you will still be able to get all the prizes as a donation from local businesses. At first, you need to establish a good starting price for every item.

You could try to establish the price at 25%-30% of the market value. This is the perfect corporate fundraising idea for a corporation with a serious employee base.

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If you employees will enjoy a party-like fundraiser, then you should think about organizing one.

3.Wine Tasting

In order to organize this type of charity, you will need to get in contact with a local restaurant or bakery, a local wine retailer, some servers and some wine wholesalers. If your company culture indicates that your co-workers enjoy wine, then this is the right type of charity for you. This fundraiser idea could help you convince local sponsors to donate in order for employees to try them out. In this way, they could decide what to purchase. A percentage of the bottles that get sol will go to the specified charity.

4.Fashion Show

This type of fundraiser may be even more challenging since you will have to find an even place, models and donated or created clothes. However, you will need a few months before you could finish your planning, but you will be able to raise a lot of money for a charity. Furthermore, this could become an extraordinary PR even for your company.

If you want to make the event even more interesting, you could ask your employees to model the clothing. In this way, all their friends and families will come to your event.

Summing up

These corporate fundraising ideas could help you raise money for a noble cause. Since the winter holidays are approaching, you together with your co-workers need to get creative to raise money and help people in need. An innovative fundraiser idea could help you raise more money than you think.

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