100-Year Drought Spurs Eco Green Auto Clean Growth

 A Cup of Water and an Idea

The Eco Green Auto Clean business started as a stand-alone car wash in Redwood City, California. The basic premise: use environmentally-friendly products and, as little water as possible, to wash each car. Sounds simple. Not really, considering the cars are hand-washed with microfiber towels and a small amount of solution AND one cup of water.

Founder, Anton Van Happen, came up with this idea as a practical solution to a monumental problem. California is in the midst of a 100-year drought. Some cities have water restrictions, while the writing is on the wall for statewide limitations.  So far, business on weekends has tripled since opening in 2012. Consumers are worried about the drought and are being proactive to save water any way they can. If the state-wide restriction is implemented, then the business can grow exponentially.

Let it Grow

It would be easy to just remain as a car wash business, but Eco Green Auto Clean has consistently expanded their business. You can purchase their plant-derived products and accessories online.

Now, looking to grow the business even more, they are in serious talks with Tesla, to provide onsite carwashes at their supercharger stations. Eco Green Auto Clean, already has a solid fanbase with Tesla owners. And, it seems to be an ideal partnership for two companies looking to sustain the environment.

The Future Looks Bright and Dry for Eco Green Auto Clean

They have the virtually “waterless” car wash, a line of eco-friendly products, and the possibility of a major partnership for Tesla. So what’s next for Eco Green Auto Clean? Considering they offer onsite services to Google and other companies, it would seem the potential for growth is limitless. They could also add other car wash sites.

The drought has made California residents very aware of conserving water. When Happen was asked if the drought has helped his company, he replied, “For our company yeah. For the environment, no. But for us it’s going well, yeah.” A big idea from one cup of water.