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Ethical Behavior in Business: Definition, Examples, and Advantages
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Ethical Behavior in Business: Definition, Examples, and Advantages

Ethical behavior in business refers to acting in ways that are consistent with what individuals and society think are good values. This type of behavior can impose respect for moral principles like individual rights, diversity, dignity, equality, honesty, and fairness. Ethics represent the moral standards a business owner can rely on when making a decision regarding their company.

Ethical behavior can help one differentiate between what is wrong and what is right, revealing what kind of behavior a business should not engage in. When it comes to the business environment, having a good set of ethics is the key to responsible decision making. Ethics do not only represent a guide to making good decisions, but also the criteria the public can judge you on.

What is ethical behavior

Depending on how people see you and your business, this represents the basis of developing trust, this being a critical aspect. You may lose your customers’ credibility if you make unethical decisions. In this way, your business might suffer greatly. The environment and people around you can influence your ethical behavior.

There are many ethical views which can be used as universal ones, while there are others which are more personal and they only apply to you. Different situations and environments can change you, and your ethical views may modify. Ethics has positive benefits in business. By adopting an ethical behavior in business, you can attract more customers, develop higher customer loyalty and make a positive impact on the community.

Furthermore, an ethical behavior also includes higher morals within your company and your employees while also reduces the risk of negative press. Even if you might not believe good business ethics can contribute to profits or not, you should know that poor ethics will have a great impact. When you lack standards, you will have misguided, misinformed and bad decisions being made. These can cause financial loss or damage to the business.

The advantages of ethical behavior in business

Business ethics written in yellow

If you obey the law and you show your are caring, you will be able to preserve valuable employees.

Develop customer loyalty

If consumers think that a company has treated them unfairly, they will never come back and use their services. In order to have long-range business success, you need to have a loyal customer base. Therefore, the reputation of a company for ethical behavior can help it develop a positive image in the marketplace. This can bring in new customers.

Retain good employees

Any employee who does their job right would like to receive fair compensation for their dedication and work. Good employees would want career advancement within the organization to rely on the quality of their work and not favoritism. Hence, the companies which are open and fair can have a better chance of retaining the best employees.

The best examples of ethical behavior in business include honesty, integrity, loyalty, keeping your promises, obeying the law, imposing respect, and caring about your employees and customers.

Summing up

When developing your own company, make sure you adopt an ethical behavior in business. In this way, you will attract more customers and keep valuable employees. In this way, more people would trust your company if you keep your promises you show you obey the law. Being a caring and fair employer can help your business grow.

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