a screenshot of Disney's Heroes Work Here program

The Heroes Work Here Program Bringing Veterans to Disney

Once again Disney has shown us how much the company cares about its community and how involved its representatives are into creating better lives for everyone. In 2012, Disney created a new social working program called Heroes Work Here that helps war veterans find jobs at this company.

What Is the Heroes Work Here Program?

Heroes Work Here is a program initiated by Disney that supports veterans. Disney’s Veterans is an institute that hires people who fought in wars to work for this world-renown animation company. The company has launched this initiative in 2012 and has helped a lot of military veterans since then.

Even though Disney is a major player behind this idea, it is not the only company that wanted to be involved in supporting veterans. Other businesses such as General Motors and USAA are also partners in the whole project. Their activities are now available throughout many states within America like Michigan and others.

Since 2012, more and more companies are willing to accept skilled war veterans as their employees. In cities like San Antonio and Detroit, this initiative was a real success. This institution’s motto is “Employ excellence. Hire veterans”. According to Disney’s representatives, this is a way to show gratitude and honor all those people that fought to keep the country safe.

Now, their main goal is to attract more volunteers, financial sponsorship, and opportunities. All of Disney’s businesses such as The Walt Disney Studios, Walt Disney Parks & Resort, and others, are now opened opportunities for all war veterans who can prove they have the right skills to occupy a certain position.

What Hired Veterans Have to Say About This Project

Until now, all of the people that Disney has hired within this project, are more than satisfied with their work conditions. Moreover, they acknowledge the fact that Disney is not just another multinational company. For some of them, the company resembles with their military activity, meaning it is mission oriented and has a professional image. However, there is a major difference: all employees are happy, and they smile more.

What these new employees appreciate more about this animation company is its learning environment. Disney organizational culture helps and encourages everyone to learn and absorb as much information as they can. Among other things, this is why workers appreciate and enjoy working for Disney.

Disney jobs require the same skills that veterans have which are a true commitment of serving a purpose and dedication. Until now, they have hired more than 1,500 veterans. The officials say they aim to bring 1,000 more as soon as possible.

Putting It All Together

Fortunately, there is still hope in the world for a brighter future. And this future is created right now, by several companies among which there is Disney. Their Heroes Work Here project was a great success among many communities. Veterans are now feeling useful, and they can prove their skills and abilities at an enjoyable workplace.

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