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How Do You Handle Conflict when You’re Conflict-Avoidant at Heart?

You will never be able to avoid conflict completely. Therefore, you need to develop certain communication skills to tackle others’ interventions. There is a thing called conflict resolution that is a great strategy to apply in both your personal and professional life. Basically, it is about creating an opened environment towards honest communication. So, how do you handle conflict? Here are some valuable tips that might help you lower its consequences.

How Do You Handle Conflict? – Main Tips

5. Ask Proper Questions

Usually, conflicts appear because of poor communication. Someone misunderstood what someone else said. Don’t allow the situation to escalate or degenerate. Avoiding it is not a proper solution either. Instead, ask questions. This way, you will find out what the other truly wanted to say, and the problem will be fixed easier and quicker.

4. Look at It from a Different Perspective

We are all unique, and we think differently which is a natural thing. However, this is why sometimes conflicts arise because you see things in another way than someone else. When two perspectives meet arguments are about to happen. Don’t let this evolve. Try to be objective and look at the issue from the other’s perspective. Putting yourself in someone else’s shoes always helps.

3. Be Aware of Emotional Triggers

So, how do you handle conflicts? There are plenty of solutions but letting yourself be a victim of your emotions is not one of them. Fear, anger, disappointment and frustrations can easily lead to conflicts. Did you know that even excitement can cause arguments?! In other words, beware of emotions. They can lead to unintended arguments that will affect your human interactions.

2. Use Assertive Communication

Being passive, aggressive, or a combination of these two approaches, should all be avoided. The first one states that you are weak when it comes to establishing boundaries. The second one shows that you are either hostile or entitled which makes you seem arrogant. A passive-aggressive approach is the worst one because it makes you act through indirect behaviors such as slamming the door. How to handle conflict in certain situations? Well, to start with, you should always stick to the present moment. Don’t bring up old conflicts from the past. Ask things you need, clarify everything, and articulate a complaint when you have one, without being disrespectful.

1. Control What You Can & Learn to Let Go

There is a saying that states the following idea: how other people treat you is their own problem and their karma, how you react to that is your issue. In other words, you shouldn’t let your anger make you involved in a conflict that you didn’t start. We are able to control our behaviors and reactions. On the other hand, it is true you cannot control others attacks or responses. Empower yourself to change a certain situation. Otherwise, you can let it go and move on with your life.

Let’s Recap

Don’t be afraid of standing up for yourself when it is necessary. Conflicts are a normal thing in every relationship. We have two choices in the face of stressful situations. We can either flee or fight back. It depends on your character’s type which of these two possibilities you opt for. However, the important thing is to learn to manage these situations. So, how do you handle conflict? Feel free to share your insights with us, in the comment section below.

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