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How Does SEO Work? Basic Guide
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How Does SEO Work? Basic Guide

When starting to work with WordPress, you may be wondering how does SEO work. Your new website needs to be flawless if you want your customers to trust your brand and your products. Therefore, search engine optimization is clearly very important. However, some businesses may need a consultant or someone who has a lot of experience with SEO.

You can take care of your website’s SEO even without the help of an expert by following a few easy steps.

On-Site Optimization

When using the SEO elements you need, make sure you do not overdo it. If you did not know that yet, you should know that Google issued an over-optimization penalty for all those websites which have too many keywords on a single page. However, if you do not know what keywords you should use, you could check AdWords Keyword Tool. Hence, you will get plenty of suggestions.

Title Tag

The title tag on your website’s pages indicates what every page is about. This title should be about 70 characters or even less. Furthermore, it includes the brand name or your business name. Also, there should be included only keywords that are related to that particular page.

Meta Description

The role of the meta description is to offer insight into what your page is about. Meta description can help you with keyword rankings. Therefore, when writing your meta description, you want to keep in mind that a human audience will search for the main keywords in your page and the meta description will appear among the search results.

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Learning more about SEO will help you improve your keywords and content and search engines will love you.

More On-Site SEO Elements

Other SEO elements include internal links, image name, and alt tags as well as bold text. Internal links can be developed using link building. Link building is not only to help you link external sites to your website. You may as well do internal linking to help readers learn more about your website.

When using images on your website, you need to develop useful keywords for the alt tag and the image name. Your alt tags will help the search engine spot great images that are suitable for the keywords specified.


Content development and content marketing will help you attract many visitors on your website. Besides attracting visitors, content is also great when it comes to search engines. Hence, if you have more content, more of your pages will appear in the search index. The most important thing when it comes to content is to offer your visitors quality content.

Therefore, your page’s content may include podcasts, videos, infographics, tutorials, industry articles, blog posts, and guides. Even if this sounds like a big investment, it will be worth it when you see that the number of visitors increases. If search engines love your content, then visitors will love it too, and they will be likely to share it on social media.

Summing up

Wondering how does SEO work and trying to learn more about it will help you increase the number of visitors. Optimizing your keywords, meta description and content can help you with ranking and search engines will love you. Make sure you do not overdo it, filling your pages with too many keywords. Create quality content for your website even if it might be a huge investment.

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