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How to Deal With a Passive Aggressive Coworker

When your work environment is not as you wished it could be, your work productivity and performance might decrease. Hence, you might need to learn how to deal with a passive aggressive coworker if they keep disturbing you when in the office. If they send you negative vibes and constantly disrupt your zen, your performance might decrease, and you will hate having to go to work every day.

Your passive aggressive coworker could clearly state what bothers them and you will both find a way to solve the problem. However, they may instead choose to send you some signs that will make you feel uncomfortable, always disturbing you. In what follows, we will provide some tips and tricks on how to deal with a passive aggressive coworker.

Passive aggression is a way through which you cut down someone without directly expressing your anger or dislike with that person.

Spot the passive aggressive behavior

First, you need to make sure you correctly identify a passive aggressive behavior when you see one. Be careful when you decide to discuss your coworker’s behavior with other colleagues. They may as well believe that your behavior towards your passive aggressive coworker is different. Being passive aggressive at work will only mean trouble.

Do not engage in the same actions your passive aggressive coworker does

If your colleague compliments you but you know they are not sincere, make sure you refrain from doing the same thing to them. This is just an example, but it is best to stay away from seeking revenge. Otherwise, you will be categorized as being just like them. Your behavior will not be different from theirs. What you could do instead is to pretend that you believe their compliments and that you don’t buy into your coworker’s sarcasm.

A woman and a man in the office

If you have a passive aggressive coworker, you should find a way to ignore them to avoid altering your mood.

Try to suppress your frustration when it comes to your coworker’s behavior

Even if passive aggressive workplace bullying is a great problem, try to suppress your frustration about your coworker’s problematic behavior. In case you cannot totally ignore them, at least do not let their remarks affect you. You will soon notice that they will be unable to keep finding new methods to disturb you and get you angry.

Avoid reporting this problem to your manager

Since this is seen only as a small incident, your supervisor will believe that you are unable to solve minor problems by yourself. However, if you feel like the strange behavior is crossing the line, you should definitely try to speak to your manager. In case the passive aggressive behavior of your coworker transforms into harassment, you need to report the problem.

Summing up

If you feel like you can talk with your passive aggressive coworker and have a meaningful conversation where everyone speaks the truth, you could try. At least they will see that you have noticed the problem and you are trying to solve it. Make sure you do not lose your patience and learn how to deal with a passive aggressive coworker without letting them affect your mood.

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