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2 Experts Teach Us How to Deal With an Emotional Manipulator

At some point in our lives, we have all met people who seemed nice at the beginning, but they turned to be emotional manipulators. Learning how to deal with an emotional manipulator takes courage and time. Emotional manipulators always want something, and you need to figure out how to distinguish between these people who are there only to benefit from something.

How to Stop and Spot Mental and Emotional Manipulators

by Infinite Waters (Diving Deep)

Making the difference between genuine love and manipulation may be hard. Manipulation represents influence without consent. However, all of us do this at some point. Every day we are trying to persuade someone or to influence them, irrespective if it’s about our workplace, when going shopping or when we are with our friends.

The foot-in-the-door technique is a way of persuading someone. When you are asked for a small favor, and then you help that person with another thing, and then another one, you know you have been tricked.

The door-in-the-face technique starts big and then goes smaller. For instance, when someone asks for a donation, you tend to think that they want to ask a lot of money. But, eventually, they only ask for $1, and you are still willing to chip in even if you are not 100% sure about their intentions. For example, there is work manipulation. Let’s say your boss asks you to work one extra hour, but you are actually made to work two more hours. You start feeling angry and manipulated.

Learning these techniques will help you spot those who are emotional manipulators, and you will realize that you have a choice. You can say “no” and take responsibility for the people that surround yourself.

Emotional Manipulation: Tricks of emotional manipulators

by From Toxic To Love

Before you become a blind ignorant and offer your power to a manipulator, try to use these tricks to avoid any problem. You have to say “no” to your manipulator and justify yourself. Do not feel sorry for your manipulator because you did not fall into their trap. You are smarter than this. Emotional manipulators tend to complain that they are alone in this world, nobody gets them, and they are so sad when they do not get what they want.

Furthermore, your manipulator may also use the angry silence technique. This means that they won’t speak to you because you disappointed them when you refused to do what they wanted you to. However, they are angry at you, without telling you why.

Then, they may also try to turn back to you whatever you say. Your manipulator may also use the passive-aggressive denial, arguing that they are not mad at you. They will try to make you believe that they are absolutely fine when you know that they are not. When your manipulator figures out that they cannot trick you anymore, they will pretend to disappear, but they are watching you from the shadows.

They can manipulate you through the subtle technique of disappointing you. They will get you angry to call you the crazy one.

Summing up

These amazing tricks and tips can help you understand how to deal with an emotional manipulator. Make sure you spot emotional manipulators before falling into their trap.

Image Source: Ebony Magazine

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