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4 Tips on How to Find Donors for Non Profit Organizations
A dollar packed like a little heart

4 Tips on How to Find Donors for Non Profit Organizations

When starting your own non-profit organization, you may find it hard to find donors. Hence, you will need to get accustomed with some strategies that will teach you how to find donors for non profit organizations. In 2016, online fundraising accounted for 7% of the total amount of fundraising. We all know that asking for donations may be intimidating.

Fundraising represents the wish to help others connect their passion to your cause. You do not have to convince donors. Furthermore, you need to make them understand that they should care about your cause. Hence, when donors know that the cause your charity supports really matters, they will be glad to help. In what follows, we will provide some tips on how to find donors for non profit organizations.

Find out what they are thinking

To get to the point in which you will read their minds, you need to research your donor and learn more about the kinds of people willing to donate as a group. You need to think about whether your donors have a history of giving. Also, try to find out their concerns and objectives when giving. Furthermore, at the same time, you would want to address the risks and fears every donor thinks about.


You have to practice the aspects of your ask if you want to get more funds and develop a lasting connection between your non profit and the donor. Therefore, you need to rehearse a lot by the time you get in front of such a prospect. If you establish your talking points and how you will address the donor’s objections it will help you develop a frame. Hence, since you have the frame in mind, when meeting the donor you will only focus on your talk, without thinking about possible questions.

A blue donation box

Making donation for a noble cause means caring for people in need.

Do not surprise your prospect

If your donor feels surprised when you are asking them for money, then something must be wrong. You need to make things clear from the beginning, telling them that you are interested in presenting your cause. Also, underline from the start how they can help you and how they could get involved. In this way, they will establish which are their objectives and response also preparing their questions.

Do not be boring

Reading your non profit’s perspectives and objectives of a chart with bullet points will be boring for your donors while you will feel safe. Boring is safe since readings make you feel secure and in control of what you are reading. However, the right way to be safe is to practice, not to read. By reading, you will not convince your donors that they should support your cause.

Summing up

These tips and tricks can help you understand how to find donors for non profit organizations. First, you need to get to know your donors to be able to present them your cause. Keep in mind the fact that you need to make things interesting to attract them, specifically stating how they could help you attain your goal via their donations.

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