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How to Organize a Walkathon Fundraiser: The Essentials

Learning how to organize a walkathon fundraiser has never been easier with these simple tips. In what follows, we will walk you through our guide on how to organize a walkathon fundraiser to raise money for a noble cause.

The main thing you should keep in mind is that you need to start off small. In the beginning, your goal should not be to raise an impressive amount of money in the first year. It is best to take smaller and more secure steps than to rush into the business and see everything you’ve built collapsing in front of your eyes.

How to Organize a Walkathon Fundraiser

  • Search for volunteers

To organize this event, you will need volunteers to help you. You can inform your relatives or friends, and maybe some of them are willing to help you. Furthermore, you can talk to your neighbors, or maybe you could find a professional organization ready to support your cause.

  • Find a place where you can walk

There is a wide range of places where you can develop your walkathon. For instance, you could choose a high school track, a mall or a park. All you have to do is to set a location and distance your participants need to walk. Generally, 1 mile, 2 miles, and 5-mile walks are the most famous. If you establish shorter distances than everybody is willing to participate because it will be less intimidating.

You should know that some locals might require a permit. Furthermore, you should also consider the fact that you will need an area to celebrate when walkers reach the finish line. Make sure you find the appropriate location. You may want to talk to a representative of the local police department if you want certain streets closed.

  • Give it a name

By thinking about your noble cause, you should come up with a suitable name for your walkathon. Keep in mind that the name will be the first to attract the walkers.

A walkathon for breast cancer

Consider advertising your event in local newspapers, radio or social media sites, like Twitter and Facebook.

  • Promote the event

If you do not gather people who are willing to walk at your walkathon, then you cannot host the event. Make sure you advertise your campaign and consider creating a page on Facebook, asking your friends to spread the word. Consider sending press releases to your local newspaper or even distribute flyers in the park or at the gym.

  • Registration forms

Develop a paper form for those who want to take part in your walkathon. They should return it to you via fax or email. Make sure you include the time, date, and location for the event on the form.

  • Find sponsors

Ask your volunteers to help you get support from local and maybe even national businesses. In exchange for those businesses’ support, offer to put their logo on the walkathon’s t-shirts. Furthermore, you can also offer them a booth in the celebration area where they can promote their products.

Summing up

After all, learning how to organize a walkathon fundraiser is not that complicated when you have the right people next to you. If you find people who support your cause, they will likely want to help you. Make sure you promote your walkathon and find enough sponsors and everything will work as planned.

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