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How to Raise Money from Angel Investors: 5 Professional Tips

When you want to see your small business developing, you have to learn how to raise money from angel investors. You have to know that angel investors are individuals, not professional investors. Hence, they have different styles, goals and distinct investment theses. That is why you might need to use a different strategy to convince them to help than the one you use with the rest of the investors. In what follows, some professionals will offer you some tips on how to raise money from angel investors.

Eliot Peper

Eliot Peper is an advisor for investors and entrepreneurs. He argues that angels represent an important component of the startup ecosystem. Usually, they invest at the earliest stage of a business’ lifecycle, even before an institutional investor would be interested. Angel investors play a significant role in the development of businesses which require outside financing.

They can add substantial value to your business by making key introductions and offering critical advice. In order to convince angel investors to invest their money in their business, you need to make sure that they understand your technology and the values your business promotes. In this way, you will be able to convince them of the importance of your company how it would change the world from a new perspective.

Jason Fell

Jason Fell is the Director of the Entrepreneur Partner Studio. He argues that a company’s growth depends on angel investment funding. However, you need to find someone who will be passionate about your business. Fell argues that to determine angel investors to fund your company, you need to show them why your company matters and why you are so passionate about it.

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Learn how to raise money from angel investors, showing them how important your business is for you.

Murray Newlands

Murray Newlands is an entrepreneur, business advisor and also the founder of When professional investors can be difficult to reach, people should ask angel investors’ help. To convince angel investors to support your business, get some friends or relatives to invest in your idea. In this way, angel investors will know that you are very serious about business. Before establishing a business plan that you could send to you angel investor, make sure you develop a pitch.

Your pitch should contain only the aspects your investor would be interested in reading about. The pitch should not be longer than 10 slides and 20 minutes to read.  Then, you need to invest some time into corporate formalities, assuring that you show your investor that you are well-informed. You need to include financial records and records of corporate activity as well as organizing board meetings and other special meetings to discuss important decisions.

The next step is to learn about fundraising structures in order to convince angel investors to support your business. Hence, you should learn everything about YC SAFE, convertible notes, and equity investment.

Summing up

All these tips and tricks from specialists could help you learn how to determine angel investors to financially support your business. Use these ideas to learn how to raise money from angel investors, showing them how important your business is for you.

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