4 Experts Discuss Improving Employee Engagement and Offer Advice

Many business managers say that improving employee engagement could be an unrewarding and stressful process. Some of them do not even know where to start from, and others believe that their strategy will not even work. Nevertheless, specialists argue that employee engagement represents one of the key indicators of successful business.

Therefore, it should not be considered secondary compared to other business processes. A survey from last year asked approximately 1,000 full-time employees if they feel motivated at work. The outcome indicates that managers can improve their employees’ job experience by providing more consistent and accurate evaluation and feedback.

Let’s take a look at some experts’ opinion regarding employee engagement and how can it be improved.

Leaders should behave like coaches

Amber Hunter, the Director of Employee Performance at ‘A Plus Benefits,’ argues that feedback sessions need to encapsulate the activity of an employee on the last 6 to 12 months of work. However, many leaders do not keep notes on their employees performance and evolution. Furthermore, when giving a feedback, they tend to focus on their employees most recent activity. That is why Hunter says that leaders need to act like coaches and offer ongoing feedback to help employees evolve.

Managers also need training

Christy Hopkins, Human Resources Staff Writer at ‘Fit Small Business’, indicates that employees need feedback and a reward system for their effort. Meanwhile, managers need training, too. If someone is promoted and he/she obtains a higher position it does not mean that they no longer need training. Managers need to learn how to develop and give feedback to their employees.

Furthermore, they need to learn how to motivate their team to determine them to evolve, and therefore, determining the company to evolve too.

Do more than a Happy Hour

Ben Brooks, CEO, PILOT, Inc., suggests that managers should do more for their staff than just a happy hour or a Hawaiian shirt day. Managers need to understand that they should do something to prevent their staff from quitting. Working together transforms the staff into a family. They should all enjoy each other presence and get to know each other better for a cheerful work environment.


By improving employee engagement and motivating the staff, managers will have a successful business.

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Small businesses should offer feedback more often

Tammy Bjelland, Founder 7 President at Learning in Bloom, claims that employees in small businesses tend to do more jobs and they do not have enough time to develop a plan. This is why managers should try to transform feedback in one of the top priorities of their business. They can take a course on employee engagement and work with a learning consultant who can guide them.

Ask for anonymous feedback

Christian Vanek, CEO, SurveyGizmo, argues that it is important to ask your employees for anonymous feedback to rising retention of the modern employees. In this way, you will obtain your employee’s candidness and honesty. Their feedback will help you make changes where they are necessary.

Summing up, these experts’ advice can help any entrepreneur and manager understand how to develop employee engagement and how can they motivate their staff.