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Why You Should Drop Everything and Listen to the Manager Tools Podcast

Why You Should Drop Everything and Listen to the Manager Tools Podcast

Manager Tools Podcast represents an audio podcast issued on a weekly basis and introduced by Mark Horstman and Michael Auzenne. This company focuses on offering career advice to help managers be more effective.

The hosts of the podcast are Mike Auzenne and Mark Horstman. Michael Auzenne worked for almost twenty years in Corporate America as an executive and manager. His career consists of executive tasks in Program Management and technology for Bell Atlantic, and MCI Inc. Mark Horstman worked as an executive and manager in marketing and sales at Procter & Gamble. Furthermore, in 1988, Mark started training and coaching executives and managers.

In 2005, Auzenne and Horstman started learning about podcasting. Back then, they decided to spread their knowledge regarding effective management. Auzenne argued that he did not want to develop a model where they could give only half of the answer and ask people to spend money on finding out the whole solution. Furthermore, these two co-founders indicated that they wanted to change the business world by implementing changes in management.

They offer guidance regarding communication skills, productivity and behavior

The co-founders started implementing their strategy by changing one management at the time. Hence, hey started this project and soon became the co-founders of this management consulting company, Manager Tools LLC. The firm transformed these podcasts in a business, selling them online . Furthermore, they also establish regular in-company meetings to practice the Manager Tools. Since 2012, the firm has 5 employees. Hence, on June 26, 2005, the first Manager Tools Podcast appeared on the market.

On January 1st, 2012, the company registered their 500th podcast. Moreover, these podcasts do not use ads. Even big education institutions cite the ideas they teach. The casts are no longer than 30 minutes. Podcasts appear as a dialogue among the hosts. Therefore, during the dialog, the speakers make sure to cover a particular topic which relies on career development and management. The podcasts begin with an overview comprising all the things which will be discussed.


Manager Tools Podcast is here to boost your career, heading towards success.

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You can find the main podcasts of the company on their web page and also by using RSS and iTunes feeds. These specialists argue that management consists in repeatedly doing what is right. Only this attitude will drive you on the way to success. Management is about behaviors.

Manager Tools Podcast is a company concerned with teaching managers to be effective

The podcasts include topics like team, strategy, performance, network, development, communications, career and behaviors. Furthermore, this company’s dual purpose is to make professionals productive, and managers effective. Career Tools and Manager Tools are free weekly podcasts created to offer individual contributors and managers some recommendations regarding their careers.

This company usually offers to consult and to train for managers in Fortune 1000 companies all over the world. The Manager Tools Basics represents a podcasts’ collection regarding the crucial ideas which need to be used for efficient managerial behavior. Furthermore, this collection also contains the base material of all the Manager Tools advanced podcasts.

All in all, managers and executives can learn a few tricks regarding effective management and behaviors that could help them become successful.