lucid dreaming and its benefits for your life

5 Ways Lucid Dreaming Can Boost Your Success

Lucid dreaming is when you are aware of everything that happens during your sleep. It is not like a normal dream in which you don’t have any control over the experience. Lucid dreams are beneficial for your mind and body. They are even used as a therapy method to cure different phobias and fears.

What Is Lucid Dreaming?

Lucid dreaming is the capacity of gaining consciousness during your dreams. If, while you dream, you realize it, you will be able to interact with everything that happens in your sleep. The concept of lucid dreaming was first used in 1913, by a psychiatrist. However, there are earlier signs of this phenomenon that go back to ancient Greece. In some places, this was used as a therapy method.

Lucid dreaming has been seriously analyzed since the 1960s. This particular sleep experience manifests itself a lot different than a normal dream. It is associated with both false awakening and REM sleep (during which the eyes have rapid movements). Some specialists are skeptical when it comes to defining lucid dreaming. They state this is only another form of wakefulness.

What Are the Benefits of Lucid Dreaming?

There are plenty of benefits that are provided by lucid dreaming:

  • Having control over your dreams. Interfering with what happens during your sleep can be beneficial because it helps you control your mind. There is a huge potential when it comes to creating a positive dream scenario before going to sleep.
  • Discovering a life profound meaning. A lucid dreamer’s philosophies might be emphasized by this kind of experience. Such a dream can conclude certain beliefs that a person might have. Most people who have dreamed lucidly, seem to think that life hasn’t got a specific purpose unless they build one.
  • Improving skills. Everything you experience during a lucid dream will be transferred to your muscle’s memory. It seems so real and tangible that your body will think it is happening. The same thing applies to both mental and emotional abilities.

How to Lucid Dream to Boost Your Success?

  • Write down everything. It is a great idea to keep a dream journal. You should place it somewhere close to your bed. This way you will be able to remember all your dreams immediately after they occurred.
  • Go back to sleep when your dreams are interrupted. Most of the lucid dreams happen while a person is completely asleep. When you wake up during a dream, close your eyes and imagine the situation and characters from that specific dream.
  • Try to gain more REM sleep. Lucid dreams often happen during the REM sleep. To make sure you experience them again, keep a balanced sleep schedule. Also, try to sleep a minimum of 8 hours per day. A good-quality sleep will help you dream lucidly.

Let’s Recap

The more you follow the above guidelines, the more you become aware of your sleeping process. Lucid dreaming is highly beneficial for your overall health. The sleeping period and awake time are interconnected. Therefore, your success depends on what kind of sleep you have.

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