How to Manage Your Time

How to Manage Your Time without a Manager to Supervise You

Do you have trouble knowing how to manage your time in the absence of supervision? There are surely plenty of people who absolutely loathe listening to others telling them what to do. Others, however, require it in order to function properly. Or that’s what they think. If you’re one of those people who believe that the only way to a productive working day is through the directions of a manager, we’re here to bust this myth. Discover the simple ways through which you’ll achieve effective self-management for your tasks.

How to Manage Your Time without a Manager

#1 The Vital Tasks First

Especially during your first few days or weeks of experimenting without supervision, you may not always be successful in your endeavors. In other words, who knows? Maybe you’ll seat some projects on the bench and postpone them. What matters is that your most important tasks will be successful, so always start with them. However, contrary to popular belief, don’t make the most difficult task your first one. If you have trouble getting started, thinking of working on something daunting isn’t the best motivator. Instead, ‘warm up’ with an easier task and then get to the complex ones.

#2 Question Your Actions

Is what you’re doing productive enough? No? Then get off it. Sometimes a little guilt-tripping is the safest way to ditch your bad habits and turn them into time well-spent. It’s very easy to find excuses for your idle clicking through Facebook by telling yourself it’s a well-deserved break. Especially until you get to the important tasks we’ve mentioned before, steer clear of these distractions and remove anything that’s not productive.

#3 Set Milestones

A truly easy way through which you can accomplish various things is by setting up realistic and accessible milestones – or goals. Tell yourself you’ll work for 30 minutes straight with no breaks, that you’ll write 300 words with no interruption, or anything of the sorts. Break your tasks into tiny pieces and the light at the end of the tunnel won’t seem that far away from you anymore.

#4 Start Early

If you struggle with procrastination like many of us do, the simplest way to get through it might be to get started on something in a timely manner. Is one particular project set for tomorrow? Why not get started on it today instead?

#5 Remove Distractions

A key rule for procrastinators, getting rid of any distractions will leave you with nothing but the task at hand. This includes turning off your phone, using extensions or applications which lock you out of other places on the Internet, and keeping a clean desk. When you really want to procrastinate, even an eraser can become a procrastination reason. Ultimately, you’ll have to tackle down that task in lack of alternatives, eventually helping it become a habit.

Bottom Line

Now you finally know how to manage your time without someone constantly having to breathe down your neck. The most important thing to remember, however, is that you’ll need patience. You won’t become an expert at time management overnight, after all, so give it some time!