Masters of Scale: The New Podcast from Reid Hoffman to Listen to

Masters of Scale represents an original podcast series developed and hosted by Reid Hoffman. He is the co-founder of LinkedIn and also a Greylock Partner. Hoffman developed the series of podcasts in association with Stitcher. It presents the stories of several entrepreneurs. Some of them are Airbnb’s Brian Chesky, Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg, Netflix’s Reed Hastings, Alphabet’s Eric Schmidt, Bill Gates and many others.

Masters of Scale is probably the first American program which has a 50-50 gender balance when it comes to featured guests. Every episode of the series begins with a story. Therefore, Hoffman tries to set the stage for the upcoming lesson by starting out with an unexpected story before revealing how companies manage to scale successfully.

Then, the media program unfolds as if it were a detective story while he tests his theory on iconic entrepreneurs and their business. Some of the theories present in these podcasts include ideas referring to the fact that successful entrepreneurs need to let fires burn to become even more successful. Furthermore, to make sure you scale, you need to do things which do not scale.

Masters of Scale help entrepreneurs become more successful

When spending so much of his time to collaborate with entrepreneurs to develop companies, Hoffman claims that he starts learning some patterns regarding how to obtain massive scale. Hence, we find out that Hoffman was an investor in several enterprises like Zynga, LinkedIn, Facebook, and Airbnb. He is keen on mentoring entrepreneurs to scale. His podcast Masters of Scale allows him to share insights regarding millions of company builders.

The roots of Masters of Scale lie in Silicon Valley-style entrepreneurship. However, this show also connects the stories of different great entrepreneurs and founders from different regions and different industries. Sometimes, Hoffman invites guests who are free to share their opinions and thoughts about the theories and stories.

Masters of Scale

Masters of Scale provides many theories and techniques for entrepreneurs to learn how to scale.

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These cameo appearances range from Hall of Fame sportscasters like Dick Stockton to Nobel Prize winners like Daniel Kahneman. Every show’s purpose is to bring under the spotlight big concepts, but also simple hacks which may help founders and entrepreneurs can change everything. During the show, Hoffman together with his guests combines storytelling with music and humor. Using these techniques, they would draw everybody’s attention. Therefore, creators and founders from all over the world would want to scale their ideas.

Reid Hoffman is the founder of this media podcast show

Masters of Scale serves as a starting point for entrepreneurs who want to test the theories put forward by Hoffman. Probably, some of these investors and founders would even like to be part of the show, sharing their experiences in the business world. The official media partner of Masters of Scale is Entrepreneur Media.

They developed a microsite for Hoffman’s series. It features original videos and articles from different contributors who respond to Reid Hoffman’s ideas. The first episode of Masters of Scale ‘Handcrafted’ was launched on May 3 on Stitcher and Apple Podcasts.

Summing up, Masters of Scale is a show which teaches entrepreneurs what to do to be more successful and to scale, offering a wide variety of techniques and advice for all investors out there.

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