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What Motivates Millennials in the Workplace? 5 Tips for Renewed Growth

Almost everyone has an opinion about how millennials act at their jobs. Some say they are entitled, others state they are sell-outs. No matter how you feel about them, you should have the patience to consider the matter in a more profound way. After all, millennials will become managers and business leaders in the near future. What we must understand, discover, and apply is what makes them tick. Below, we have come up with the best tips on how to motivate millennials in the workplace.

5 Effective Tips on How to Motivate Millennials in the Workplace

#1. Align Their Values with Your Company’s Vision

When you are able to explain what your company is all about, both your younger and older employees will connect to its meaning. Millennial workers usually look for meaning when they search for a job. They need to be valuable to their employer, and they want to bring their input into everything they do. If they can have a truly positive impact on your company, they will become loyal to their current workplace. Help them better understand their role and give them a deep sense of purpose.

#2. Create a Flexible and Free Working Environment

To motivate millennials in the workplace, you must make sure they will receive their freedom and autonomy. Millennials like when their manager trusts them, offering them the possibility to making decisions and building their own path towards success and fulfillment. Instead of giving them clear and strict instructions, you should only guide them with a vision and a due date. Leave all the rest in their hands. Millennials don’t hop from a job to another unless they are suffocated by closed and inflexible systems.

#3. Provide Regular Feedback

Although millennials want freedom and autonomy, this doesn’t mean they cannot assume responsibility for their actions. They don’t lack accountability. You might find this surprising, but younger employees are eager to receive frequent feedback to know how well they are doing. Receiving an objective outside opinion about your progress is crucial for your development and millennials are well aware of this. Don’t sugar coat your feedback. Just be natural and honest.

#4. Offer Periodical Training & Development Opportunities

Sometimes, millennials feel overwhelmed because they are always looking for solutions to maintain their competitive edge in the working environment. Instead of worrying about them leaving your company, you should invest in offering them training and development workshops. This way, you will improve their soft and technical skills, which will lead to a higher productivity level and an improved profitability margin for your company.

#5. Provide Additional Benefits & Perks

A great way to motivate millennials in the workplace is by offering them something extra besides their salary. A salary is something that an employee works for. However, bonuses and incentives are what really motivates and engage workers to be more productive. An even better idea is giving customized perks to each of your workers. It will make them feel that you acknowledge their contribution.

Final Words

It is true that millennials can seem a little demanding at a job, but they are also hard workers, have advanced tech skills, and a lot of determination. All these are valuable assets for your company’s development. Apply all our recommendations on how to motivate millennials in the workplace, and you won’t regret it!

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