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Are You Thinking of the Right New Year's Resolution? 5 Priorities You Should Have in 2017
new year's resolution ideas

Are You Thinking of the Right New Year’s Resolution? 5 Priorities You Should Have in 2017

New Year’s resolutions are a great opportunity to set goals that you want to achieve in the year to come. Although it is fun to make a New Year’s resolution, it is a lot harder to maintain and work towards accomplishing it. Most people start working on their resolutions in January, but by the end of the month, they quit. Others experience long periods of procrastination which only builds up regrets and frustrations. This year, you should make sure to establish some worthy and meaningful resolutions, and stick to them.

Top 5 New Year’s Resolution Priorities You Should Consider

5. Become Healthier and Fitter

When it comes to becoming fitter, you are probably thinking about losing weight. Although this is true, there is more to it than only shedding those pounds away. You should focus on a lot of things such as toning your muscles, building stamina and endurance, etc. Also, having a healthy and balanced diet with more fruits and vegetables and less sugar is also a key element in having a better lifestyle. All you need to do is not to expect overnight success.

4. Spending More Quality Time with Family and Friends

If this year you have focused more on work and less on your family, next year you should change something. Manage your time better to spend more unforgettable moments with your dear ones. Reconnecting with all these people is good not only for your social life but also for your health and happiness. Researches have shown that people that are socially active and have good friends tend to live longer and better than those who don’t. Moreover, loneliness might lead to bad habits such as smoking and drinking.

3. Save More Money

You can do this by implementing healthier and more conscious lifestyle choices. Instead of driving to work, ride your bike. It is a lot healthier and less expensive. Also, you will not pollute the air anymore. Cancel your gym membership and start working out at home or jogging in the park. Stop purchasing items that you don’t need and keep a grocery list whenever you go to the supermarket.

2. Lower Your Stress Level

A little pressure once in a while doesn’t affect our health. Still, chronic stress can give you plenty of issues such as obesity, insomnia, depression, heart diseases, and more. If you work prolonged hours, have a sedentary life, eat unhealthy foods, and don’t sleep enough, you will eventually make things even worse, by increasing your stress. To lower it, you must take some time off, spend quality moments with your family, socialize more, and make time for things you enjoy doing.

1. Learn New Skills

Commit to learning something new every day. This way, you will develop new skills and valuable knowledge that might help you get a promotion or even start your own business. You can even learn to play a musical instrument which will not only help your brain remain healthy and well-functioning, but it will also relax you.

Final Thoughts

You should look towards the future and let go of the things that happened in the year that is about to end. This should be a new life chapter for you. And, like all good chapters, must begin with setting meaningful goals. Find amazing and courageous New Year’s resolution ideas and don’t be afraid of wanting to accomplish great things with your life.

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