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Pancake Breakfast Fundraiser Checklist – Raise Money Through Nutrition

When planning a pancake breakfast fundraiser event, you need to develop a checklist. This won’t be easy, but if you develop a thorough plan, you will certainly succeed. Everybody likes this type of fundraising events, tasting delicious pancakes with maple syrup while drinking coffee. However, if you are the fundraiser, you need to keep in mind a few guidelines to make it easier for you to pull the event off.

Organize the team

Make sure you have enough people to organize this event. If not, ask for volunteers from your community. Since the event will be pretty big, every volunteer will have a specific role. You will need volunteers to occupy certain position during the event, namely:

  • sales;
  • clean up;
  • cooking;
  • event location team;
  • speaker;
  • serving;
  • donations;
  • promotions.


Before you start your fundraising event, think about your goals, locations, dates, advertising ideas and menu items. You need to prepare all the aspects of your event and ask the members of your team if they know people who can help you. Probably, some of them have connections in one of these areas. Maybe someone will be willing to donate a space for you where you can hold your event, while specialists from the food industry will cook for the event free of charge.

When brainstorming the goal of your fundraising, you also need to think about your mailing list. Furthermore, consider how many tickets you will need to sell and establish a price. The mailing list should include Twitter followers, LinkedIn contacts, your email address book, church directory, contacts in your phone, contacts on Facebook and Pinterest followers. Inform everyone about the upcoming event to make sure more people will attend.

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You need to brainstorm with your team to find sponsors for your fundraising event.

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Ticket sales represent the primary component of your fundraising. However, you should also consider another aspect. If a company or local business donates some goods for your event, make sure you advertise their business and make it famous among the people present at your fundraising. Usually, this will increase your rate of success especially if you hold this fundraising on an annual basis. Another way to raise money is to offer a parking lot near your event’s location in exchange for a small donation. However, you may also have a silent auction.


When choosing the date for your event, make sure you pick a day about two months out. You should also know that a Saturday may be the best choice. First, you need to check the local calendar to see whether there are other events where people may go. If there is an upcoming big event, then you may not have a substantial crowd at your fundraising.


You can use any local space that is likely to offer their cafeteria, like church, school or community center. Make sure you bring appropriate kitchen equipment, tables, and chairs.


You can design the tickets by yourself, including the location, time and date. Sell the tickets in advance.


You can use local radio, TV, Instagram, Twitter, Facebook and email to advertise your fundraising event. Post about the location, date, menu, and goal of the event to attract more people. Make sure you include the link to your Crowdrise page in order for people to access it and donate.

Summing up

Planning a pancake breakfast fundraiser can be overwhelming if you do not have a detailed plan. Make sure you reunite your team, and you establish the goal of the event. Moreover, you need to decide what are every person’s attributions during the event.

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