an employee facing a passive aggressive boss

How to Deal with a Passive Aggressive Boss: Containing the Damage

Do you have problems at your workplace because of your passive aggressive boss? I have heard of many similar situations in which managers go behind their employees’ back, and they act improperly instead of being true leaders. There is a huge difference between a boss and a leader. The first one uses punishments and sometimes rewards while the second one takes responsibility for what happens within the company. Here are some useful tips on how to handle this situation.

5 Tips on How to Deal with A Passive Aggressive Boss

#1. Don’t Take It Personally

Even though your passive aggressive boss ignores you and doesn’t recognize your results, it doesn’t mean he/she necessarily hates you. This type of managers could hide some other issues. For example, they can be under a lot of stress or maybe they have personal problems, and they don’t know how to handle it. Don’t forget that an improper behavior from your boss is his/her problem, not yours.

#2. Communicate Effectively

When you talk to a passive aggressive boss, don’t become defensive. This will only make things worse. However, you can respond in a clear and effective way, by stating solid unarguable arguments. For example, let’s pretend your manager says something rude like “You didn’t finish your project as you should.” Your answer should be “I met the deadline, and I did an accurate job.”

#3. Schedule Regular Meetings

Convince your manager to meet with you on a regular basis. This way, he/she will have to explain things in a more detailed way. You could even keep a calendar or an agenda of your current and future projects, and give access to your boss. However, these meetings should be brief. During them, both parties should state their opinions in a clear and non-defensive way. If your manager is not bothered by it, you could even send a reminder before the meeting starts.

#4. Stand Up for Yourself

Even though you shouldn’t take it personally and you shouldn’t be defensive, this doesn’t mean you cannot stand up for yourself. Once your passive aggressive boss’ behavior becomes annoying, you have the right to tell him/her that what is on your mind. Make sure to keep a proper tone of voice and not become verbally violent. As an employee, you shouldn’t ignore his/her attitude, and my recommendation is to confront him/her, as long as you maintain a respectful approach.

#5. Try to Get Promoted

There are times in which it is necessary and desirable to go up the ladder, even if this means you will go over your boss’ head. I know how you might feel when talking to the CEO about your manager. However, letting your boss control your professional life might make you deal with a lot of risks. Think about it and choose the perfect way to get out of this unpleasant situation, without causing too many troubles.

Putting It All Together

Do you have a difficult passive aggressive boss? Try to apply our recommendations and see which one works best. Then, you can return and share with us your insights. Working in a pleasant environment requires some efforts from your part. Maintain a calm attitude and be perseverant in your actions. Share your insights with us.

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