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Experts Share Their Top 4 Sales Tactics
Two women in a shop

Experts Share Their Top 4 Sales Tactics

Being a young entrepreneur at the beginning of their career can be tough. It is hard to learn how to sell more products and close more deals. However, practice makes perfect, and every challenge will represent a whole new lesson for you. The road would be a lot easier if you could receive some guidance and some sales tactics from experienced entrepreneurs.

You have to learn more tested and true sales techniques and understand how to apply more in-depth psychological principles.

Sales Tactics from Experts

Mark Daoust

Mark Daoust is the founder of Quiet Light Brokerage. He says that you do not need to have the title of ‘sales executive’ to be a salesperson. Your audience knows that your goal is to convince them to buy whatever you are selling, your role being impartial. At first, they may not trust you, but you have to learn that honesty is the key. You do not have to just win them over, by being a nice person. Hence, you have to do something for them that does not help you.

Prove them that you are concerned about what benefits them and not you. Another tactic you could use is not to call them back. Even if research shows that you have to call a potential customer six times before you give up, you could just call once and wait. If you were convinced and honest enough, they would use your products and services without you nagging them over the phone.

A salesman with two customers

Being a salesman is no easy work, but if you use these sales tactics everything may change.

Timo Rein

Timo Rein is the president and co-founder of Pipedrive. From his experience, being a door-to-door salesman was difficult. However, the experience accumulated helped him build his career. Rein says that every salesperson is likely to be rejected thousands of times before they win a customer. The point is to get to “no” faster. Consider the fact that time is precious and you cannot waste it by making your pitch even if you know they are not interested in buying anything.

When you make customers feeling comfortable to say “no”, they will actually become interested and they will give you a chance to present your services and products. Furthermore, you also have to learn how to read the signs. By looking at their faces or by the tone of their voice, you can clearly figure out whether they are really interested or not.

Nathan Resnick

Nathan Resnick is the CEO of Sourcify, a platform which makes manufacturing easy. If you need some sales tactics to help your e-commerce company grow than Resnick can reveal a few tricks. He argues that you first need to know your audience. Find out what they are looking for and whether they need your products. Then, you have to develop a keyword ranking analysis. You could use Google’s Keyword Planner to start with.

Summing up

These sales tactics cannot only help you read all the signs before your customers are bored, but they can help to improve your job. You need to be honest with your potential customers in order to earn their trust. In this way, they are more likely to become your customers, purchasing your services and products.

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