Facebook Advertising

The Small Business Guide to Facebook Advertising: 5 Tips to Start

Facebook advertising has the potential to become the greatest asset to your marketing campaign. It doesn’t matter if you’re a big business or a small business, a veteran or just getting started. The power and influence of social media is undeniable, with the titan Facebook hosting several billions of profiles alone. With this in mind, there are no faster and more reliable ways to grow your outreach campaign. In just a few minutes, your message can reach thousands of people at once.

So, if you’re a small business trying to learn the tidbits of Facebook marketing, here are the most crucial beginner tips.

5 Facebook Advertising Tips for Small Businesses

#1 Go Video Streaming

No complicated analytics for our very first tip. However, it’s also probably the most important tip we can give since it has to do with adapting to innovation and the market’s trends. Videos are taking over the Internet, as Youtube’s growth in popularity can tell you. Speaking of Youtube, Facebook happens to be its biggest competitor for video creation and sharing.

Outreaching through videos is both an engaging and accessible way of sending your message across. These days, all you need is a phone with a good camera (which most have) and some good lightning to make the image comprehensible.

#2 Get Audience Insights

This isn’t just a matter of speech. Facebook has this highly useful feature called Audience Insights, which allows businesses to discover exactly what kind of audience they should be targeting. This specific process can be pretty daunting since it’s mostly a shot in the dark that requires a cycle of trial and error. However, based on analytics surrounding the people already liking your page, you’ll be able to narrow down your public much faster.

#3 Call to Action with Your Page

Facebook’s business pages have a bunch of features that are suitable for your entrepreneurship needs. So, use them to their best advantage in order to give visitors that extra push needed to interact with you. Add contact buttons, open instant messaging, create a banner with phone numbers and website details, etc.

#4 Caption Your Videos

We’ll go back to videos for a sec, just to remind you how important they are. Once you start recording your first video ads, make sure that you’ll later add captioning to them in the editing phase. This is because Facebook automatically plays videos without sound, so if you want to be able to draw a user’s attention, you’ll have to do it by explaining as much as possible through text.

#5 Craft Targeting Ads

Facebook has a neat system which delivers sponsored posts to people who will be interested in them. As such, you can create ads that cater to different audiences and increase your odds of them sparking interest in your products.

Bottom Line

Facebook advertising is a really fun thing to explore. Luckily, it’s nothing too complicated, as Facebook and the numerous tutorials will hold your hand throughout the whole process. What matters most is to always observe what audiences respond to and to adapt accordingly.