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4 Successful People Who Failed School But Won Life

Every time your mother nags you again about studying, show her that there are successful people who failed school. Despite the fact they did not excel in some subjects at school, they became some of the richest business men. If your curious about how they managed to do that, let’s read their stories.

Of course, going to school is important. But what is even more important is to work hard for what you believe in. Getting good grades is not that important as establishing what it is you would love to do your whole life and struggle to accomplish that.

Nowadays, an excellent education and profitable employment are no longer the formula for success and wealth. Nevertheless, education has its merit, but there are a lot of entrepreneurs who did not get a formal education. Despite this fact, they are now some of the most successful people in the world.

Steve Jobs

Probably many people are already familiar with his story. The co-founder of Apple graduated high school in 1972. However, he dropped out of college after his parents sacrificed a lot for him to go study there. In 2011, Job’s fortune was valued at $11 billion. But we should not forget that it’s all about hard work and dedication when you really love what you do.

Dave Thomas

He is the CEO and founder of the massive fast-food empire known as Wendy’s. Dave Thomas dropped out of school to have a full time job at the Hobby House Restaurant in Fort Wayne, Indiana. He opened the first Wendy’s in 1969. Even if this chain of fast-food restaurants met many obstacles, Dave Thomas believed in himself and his dream. In 2002, when he passed away, his fortune was estimated at $99 million.

Richard Branson

These successful people who failed school show us that passion and hard work are crucial.

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Richard Branson

His net worth was estimated at $4.9 billion. Richard Branson founded many Virgin brands, such as Virgin Mobile, Virgin Records, and Virgin Atlantic Airways. Despite his fantastic success, he never finished high school. He dropped out of school at 16 years old. Furthermore, he also had poor academic performance and he was dyslexic.

The most important thing here is that he did not treat these inconveniences as obstacles. He made a name for himself and he is surely proud of his achievements. He argues that schools need to do a better job when it comes to guiding and helping young entrepreneurs.

David Green

David Green is the founder of Hobby Lobby. This is a chain of arts and crafts store. He got his high school diploma, but he did not go to college. In 1970, he used a $600 loan to start his home-based business. In 1972 he opened his first retail store since his business became to grow.

He is famous for his good deeds, taking half of his business’ total profit and donating it to evangelical ministries. Some statics indicate that up until 2012, he has donated $500 million. His net worth was valued at $6 billion.

Summing up

All these successful entrepreneurs and businessmen managed to fulfill their dreams without formal education. They are successful people who failed school but won life, working hard and struggling to attain their goals. We all have something to learn from them.

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