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5 Time Management Tips for Work to Improve Your Performance

When you have a lot of tasks to accomplish and some meetings to get to, it may be tiring. That is why sometimes we all need time management tips for work when we have a long list of things to do. Sometimes, organizing your tasks on a weekly basis is definitely worth it, helping you better organize your time.

Time management tips for work

Being productive for 8 hours when in the office can be pretty difficult. However, if you work in intervals, you could increase your productivity. Statistics show that our brain can only focus for about 90 to 120 minutes before you take a break. Therefore, we are designed to go from alertness to fatigue in 90 minutes. In what follows, we will provide some tips on how to improve time management for work.

Separate your tasks

If you divide your tasks into 90-minute intervals and then you take a break after each interval, you will be more productive. The pause you take after 90 minutes of work should be of 20 minutes. When on a break, make sure you do something that will restore your energy. You could try reading a novel or napping. You should save the less demanding work to do it in the afternoon.

Make use of the most productive time of your day

Statistics show that we have the most energy right when we wake up. Therefore, we should all take advantage of that. A morning routine will help you plan your day, drink some coffee and start working on your tasks. You should try to organize your schedule to make the most of your productivity. Try to complete more important tasks in the morning, schedule meetings for the afternoon, and then you could clear your desk before leaving.

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When you need to meet several deadlines in a short period of time, you know that you have to do something about time management.


You need a healthy diet

If you tend to eat a lot of fatty food or heavy meals, you might get drowsy, and this will make you think slower. Then, you should know that your eating habits are very important when it comes to productivity. Food provides you with glucose and glucose increases your energy levels. If you have a deficit of glucose, then you will be unable to focus.

You should consume berries because they have some combinations of antioxidants that improve both memory and motor coordination.a banana can provide the daily amount of glucose needed for your brain. When having lunch, include some eggs. They contain a fat-like B vitamin which improves memory and reaction time. Consider including salmon in your diet. It has iron, omega-3s, protein and B-vitamins, which support memory, recall, reasoning and focus.

Summing up

These time management tips for work can help you increase your productivity, and your performance will improve. In this way, you will be able to complete all your tasks in time and stay focus for a longer period. Make sure you get enough sleep, and you follow a healthy diet.

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