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Time Tracking Tools: 4 of the Best Ones to Use with Your Team
A screenshot of the Harvest time tracking tool

Time Tracking Tools: 4 of the Best Ones to Use with Your Team

When you want to improve your team’s productivity, you can use some time tracking tool that could help you. We always need more time to fulfill more tasks or to do them better. Time tells us how early we have to be at work and how much to spend when focusing on a task. Furthermore, time also determines your pay rate and salary.

In order to schedule your time, you could use some meeting scheduler tools or calendar app. However, to see how you’ve spent your time, you will need a great time tracking tool to tag projects, export to an invoicing tool and create reports. In what follows, we will provide a list of the best time tracking tools so you can choose the right one for you.

Best time tracking tools

When being part of a great team, you may need to manage time across departments and people. Hence, you need a time tracking tool for advanced reporting, project management features, timesheet approvals, and collaboration.


Harvest is one of the most popular time tracking apps for teams. It was launched in 2006, and many people started using it right away, gaining popularity. It has a well-designed interface, a long list of integrations and it is very easy to use. It is a pleasure to use such an app due to its attention to details. It has a project dashboard, being very useful for project managers.

In this way, they can see the status of their projects. Furthermore, users can also develop graphics and reports which look amazing and are very well-thought.

A screenshot of the time tracking tool Paymo

Paymo is a well-developed time tracking tool that could benefit your entire team, improving your productivity.


Paymo is an incredible time tracking tool, appropriate for project management. It provides you with everything you need, such as time tracking, collaboration, reporting, team management and invoicing. You will have to select your project and task. Then, add a note and click start. This easy-to-use app is clean and elegant.

This tracking tool comes with a few team companions like PaymoPlus desktop apps and mobile apps. These can be very useful for team members since the Android, and iPhone apps will allow them to stop and start times and manually log time.


TimeCamp is different from the rest of time tracking tools because it focuses on the core of every company which bills clients, namely timesheets. The input provides you a grouped list containing all the tasks and projects you are working on. Furthermore, it also shows those most recently used right at the top of the list.


Timeneye can offer you intuitive team time tracking with an incredible layout which is part Kanban board and part calendar. It offers users the ability to track time not only by project but also by project phase and client.

Summing up

Hopefully, these suggestions will help you decide which of the time tracking tools discussed is appropriate for you. In this way, you will be able to finish all your tasks on time while managing your project and project’s phases. Furthermore, you will also learn more about your team’s productivity and how they could improve it.

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