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How to Set Up a Wrapping Paper Fundraiser in Time for the Holidays

A wrapping paper fundraiser is perfect for the winter holidays. This type of fundraiser will help you gather the money you need to donate to a noble cause. You should consider establishing a gift wrap service. In what follows, we will provide a step-by-step guide on how to develop a wrapping paper fundraiser.

How to develop a wrapping paper fundraiser

Research the networks and vendors

When trying to find vendors, you need to find out whether the vendor is famous or if other successful organizations have already used it. Think about the profit margin and what incentives they offer. Furthermore, make sure you find out how many catalogs and programs they offer and if there are hidden fees.

A wrapping paper catalog

You need to make sure that your donors will have available a catalog which includes numerous models of wrapping paper and gift wrapping products. In this way, it will be impossible for them not to find one that they really like. Hence, you will encourage them to support your cause.


Specialists indicate that it is better to keep it short since a good fundraiser takes no longer than two weeks. If it lasts for a shorter time period, then it pressures your supporters who will need to donate as fast as they can.

Wrapping paper of different colours

Now that the holiday season is upon us, we need to think about those in need and donate.

Reveal your cause and make it clear

Obviously, all your donors need to learn about your cause. Your participants need to know the reason for your fundraiser. Therefore, your flyers need to comprise clear messages about how the donations will be used. Before you distribute the pamphlets and flyers, make sure you double check the details on them.

Develop your own team

You need to make sure that you will have enough volunteers ready to wrap gifts during the fundraiser. Furthermore, your volunteers need to find vendors and networks. You should assign small tasks for every volunteer to avoid overwhelming them. A volunteer should accept orders from the business, another one could make reminder phone calls, and another one could accept orders from individuals. Task delegation will help ease the burden for your volunteers.

A list of participants

You should make up a list of participants who indicated that they would support your noble cause. Your team of volunteers should reach out to them. The list can comprise individuals from your organization, merchants, and local businesses. You might include them on the list of sponsors, and they will surely appreciate it.

Keep records

When you start collecting orders during your wrapping paper fundraiser, make sure you keep the records for the donations you receive.  Also, you need to keep records of the payments you have made. It is more effective if you make copies of orders. In case some issues may arise with the vendor, you will have the forms.

Summing up

Follow this step-by-step guide on how to develop a wrapping paper fundraiser to make sure there will be no gift without a wrap. Your volunteers will transform into Santa’s helpers, wrapping gifts while raising money for those in need.

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