How to Write a Letter of Intent

How to Write a Letter of Intent that Will Get Noticed: 5 Steps

We all want to know how to write a letter of intent that will find its way into the folder with people seriously considered for the position. Sadly, many attempts get shoved to the side instead and sometimes it’s not even because the candidate is as far away from what the employer is looking for as it gets. Sometimes, this is just because their letter of intent simply didn’t properly send across the desired message. So, what can you do to capture the attention of the reader and get them to consider your offer?

How to Write a Letter of Intent: 5 Steps

Step #1: Catch Attention Right off the Bat

If you don’t manage to make an impact with the first few words, your chances of sparking interest in the reader go down significantly. Learn how to write an eye-catching introduction to your letter of intention, whether it’s through humor, something bold and unexpected, or through a greeting formula.

Step #2: Make it an Appropriate Response

We continue to make mistakes in our letters of intent despite the fact that it should be obvious what we need to include in the message. Every company gives a pretty extensive description of the kind of candidate that they need when they put up recruiting announcements. Your main goal should be to prove to the reader that you are the person and there’s no easier way than by letting them own you possess the skills they’ve listed. Just don’t lie, though. You can still gain plenty through honesty!

Step #3: It Should Feel Personal

Our era is an era of technology which allows us to gain instant access to all kinds of knowledge and information. Cover letters samples are everywhere on the Internet, making it easy even for the inexperienced to draw inspiration. When it’s so simple to simply copy-paste a format and accurately follow a checklist, your letter will stand out through a personal touch. Throw in a short, personal experience that led you to your current choice. Talk about why you’re passionate and fiercely fighting to get what you want out of this letter of intent.

Step #4: Immediately Highlight Your Assets

Usually, the reader will be looking first and most for your skills and assets. If your letter drags on and all you’re doing is dully enlist your past experiences, the reader might end up bored and lost in-between the lines. Right after introduction, start talking about every white ball that could represent a great advantage. Awards, titles, recognitions, diplomas, past positions, and personal skills: throw them into a single paragraph and keep it short and straightforward.

Step #5: Add Details to Your Skills

If you wrote that you are an excellent “team-person” in the previous paragraph, describe how you are a team person in the next. Expand on your skills to highlight the fact that you’ve put them in practice before.

Bottom Line

After five easy steps, you now know how to write a letter of intent that’s guaranteed to linger in the reader’s memory for a while.

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