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5 Writing Tips by Famous Authors that Will Motivate Aspiring Writers
'once upon a time' written on a white paper

5 Writing Tips by Famous Authors that Will Motivate Aspiring Writers

When you are passionate about writing and your nights turn into days when the inspiration finally hits, then you will certainly need some writing tips by famous authors to encourage you. Valuable, great writers share their secrets with newbies in the world of writing to help them bloom. It is extremely important to have a mentor or more when you start writing your own pieces of literature. When art flows from your pen, you would need to know how to handle your talent to become extraordinary.

Writing tips by famous authors

Marion Deuchars

Marion Deuchars is an author and illustrator. He argues that the hardest thing about writing is deciding where to start. In order to start writing, you do not need to have a grand idea. All you have to do is to put your pen on the paper and see where it could lead, letting it pick up its flow. In case you start with a wrong idea, a bad character or you are heading the wrong direction, you will see that something good will come up as you continue writing.

Sir Tim Smit

Sir Tim Smit encourages young writers to write as if their words are meant to fuel a fire to maintain heat in a room. Therefore, you should not waste your words. You have to pick them carefully and only to use them to keep the fire burning. Your purpose is to provide heat to the world again through your art. Do not search to be like others. Try to be more like yourself, writing in your own manner. Remember that the fire needs to keep burning unless you would not want your talent to go to waste.

A notebook and a black pen on it

A writer does not have to follow a certain trend or style, but they need to have their own writing style.

Sarah Perry

Sarah Perry says that following a certain movement or trend might not benefit your creativity. You should write things as you wish, developing your own trend if possible. A writer does not have to write about what is most admired at the moment, trying to write about something that the audience will like. You are unique, and you should express as you feel it. You should only think about how to make your writing your own, matching your own attitude. Quit wanting to be like someone else, writing just like somebody else does it. You have to write to you.

Andrew Solomon

Andrew Solomon is a writer and acclaimed psychologist. He argues that when we write down our ideas, we actually make them real. He highlights the fact that our post-postmodern era writing has reached to have a moral purpose. As the writer arranges the letters on the paper, they are able to tell any story they want. Every experience you have can be transposed into language.

Sharon Grenham-Thompson

Sharon Grenham-Thompson encourages writers to establish a goal every week, working their best to reach it. Writing is all about regularity.

Summing up

All these writing tips by famous authors are meant to help young writers feel proud of their work and continue doing it. Being able to have extraordinary pieces of writing is an art. You should put your pen on the paper and see how the story unfolds. Then re-read and rewrite until it does not sound like a piece of writing, but like life.

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